Cashew Nuts: Plantation, Profit Returns, and Nutritional Benefits.

Cashew Nuts: Plantation, Profit Returns, and Nutritional Benefits.

Cashew Nuts have successfully advanced in Africa especially in the tropical part. Cashew farming is profitable and besides the financial benefits associated with cashew nuts, they offer a nutritional setup to the human body as well.

Here is the Plantation, Profit returns, and Benefits of Cashew Nuts.


Planting cashew nuts requires one to follow a specific process. The process of growing cashew trees is done through grafting, air layering of seed development. Seed development which is most common will require one to have an unshelled nut that has to be mature.

An unshelled nut can only last for 4 months. a fresh seed from the tree has to be dried for 3 days in the sun, then soaked in water for at most 12 hours before sowing.

We recommend that during plantation, you allow a distance of 8m by 5m. This gives a density of 200 trees per hectare. One advantage with spacing in this manner is, there is enough space to plant crops during their initial years.

Cashew Nuts: Plantation, Profit Returns, and Nutritional Benefits.
Cashew Nuts: Plantation, Profit Returns, and Nutritional Benefits.

From the time you plant cashew nut trees to the time you harvest cashew nuts, it will take roughly two to three years. So long as there is water, cashew trees will continuously grow like weeds.

They grow well in marginal soils like the sandy soils, where barely no fruit trees would survive for they are abit drought resistant. The traditional cashew is way taller, and can take close to eight years before you do an economic harvest.

One cashew tree can produce 50kgs of nuts in a year. This will depend on the stage of the tree life and also the vigorous nature of the tree. insects normally pollinate the flowers produced by the blooming trees.

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Cashew processing

Traditionally, manual operation is carried out to separate the kernel from the cashew nut shell. The nuts are soaked in water and then to loosen the kernel from the shell before carrying out the actual cracking.

Cracking can be done using a hammer or even mechanoically. The kernels have to be handled carefully for they are valuable at the subsequent stages. after succesful separation, the kernel is dried , the testa is then peeled off then grading is done.


Cashew nuts can fetch quite a profitable investment if utilized to full capacity and do en efficiently. on a normal basis, cashews can fetch an amount close to Ksh. 1329.07 daily. this is the net figure excluding all expenses.

Nutritional Benefits of Cashew Nuts

Prevention of Blood Disease

Regular consumption of cashews helps in eliminating blood diseases. They are rich in copper, a factor that helps the body in removing free radicals. The presence of copper enables the body to fight deficiencies like anemia. Cashews are important in our diet for they contain the recommended quantity of copper.

Cashew Nuts: Plantation, Profit Returns, and Nutritional Benefits.
Cashew Nuts: Plantation, Profit Returns, and Nutritional Benefits.

Eye Protection

Cashew nuts contain a pigment called Zea Xanthin, which is a powerful antioxidant. According to the nutritionist, our retina directly absorbs the pigment and then a protective layer is formed hence preventing harmful UV rays.

Help for the skin

The oil in cashew nuts is rich in zinc, magnesium, selenium, phosphorous, and iron. The nut oils are a good source for proteins and phytochemicals. The presence of cashew nut oil is also good for the prevention of cancer.

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Loss of weight.

People who consumer cashew nuts are in a good position of loosing weight. Consumption of cashew nuts is always assoociated with a lower BMI and contain Omega 3 fatty acids contributing to a metabolic process of burning excess fat.

To anyone who conasume cashew nuts, the nutritional benefits accompanied by the nuts help improve the health capacity of the person. on the other side, the economic benefit of the cashew nuts enables the stakeholders and the society at large gather value for the whole country.

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