How I Reap Big From Spinach Farming In Kenya.

spinach farming In Kenya

TweetShareSharePin33 SharesSpinach farming In Kenya is among the most profitable vegetables grown due to its nutritional and health benefits. Daniel Karaini has been growing vegetables since he quit his job in 2017. Partnering with his wife, they grew different varieties of vegetables on half an acre piece of land. Per year they can make about Sh65000 profit from the crops. “I grow cabbage and spinach farming In Kenya while my wife deals with the indigenous types of vegetables such as African Nightshade ‘Managu’, Amaranth ‘Terere’ and different Cucumis plants,” he…

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Real-Life Success Story: My Broilers Chicken Give Me Shs. 600,000 Per Month

Broilers Chicken

TweetShare2SharePin2 SharesChicken Broilers: When Awuor Were started keeping poultry four years ago, the ex-hotelier was simply looking for a way to supplement her income in the face of increasing financial needs. She started off with about 300 Broilers Chicken but has since grown her brood to about 1,700 birds, which she houses in a two storey 720 square foot structure in Nyalenda, Kisumu County. Ms Were says her passion for poultry-keeping started when she was working as a receptionist at a Kisumu hotel. While there, she noticed that the hotel…

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10 Most Profitable Farming Crops To Grow In Kenya


TweetShare96SharePin96 SharesWhen it comes to business, you choose profit over everything else, that’s’ why farming requires an entrepreneur to choose best crop that can give him the most profit. In Kenya, these are the most profitable crops to plant on your farm. Tomatoes Tomatoes are so far the most profitable crop to plant in Kenya. Though the crop performs depending on seasons, there are high chances consistent farmers would make handsome cash from the sales. In a year, you can plant tomatoes twice in your farm. And from the information…

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How To Grow Carrots In Your Small Farm For High Yield.


TweetShare32SharePin133 SharesCarrots are a popular root vegetable that’s easy to grow and tastes sweet and delicious when gardening fresh. Carrots are rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene. You can grow a carrot in short, medium, or long rooted varieties depending on your soil type. Seeds can be sown directly in the garden, in raised beds, and even in containers. Carrots are not difficult to grow, but the condition of the soil will impact their ability to thrive. In order for carrots to develop long, straight roots, they need to be…

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‘Kienyeji’ Chicken Farming Business In Kenya 2020.

'Kienyeji' Chicken

TweetShare74SharePin175 Shares‘Kienyeji’ Chicken farming has become one of the best alternatives to white-collar jobs in Kenya, with many youths opting to start the business than wait to knock a thousand offices for employment. This article focuses on chicken rearing and profits generated from the industry. It all starts when you have a simple idea of only keeping a single chicken which you got as a present from your grandmother. After 12 months, you realize that it has grown so big and the surrounding is in need of one, you then…

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Top 10 Profitable Agribusiness Ideas That One Can Capitalise On.


TweetShareSharePin1010 SharesThis is a list of profitable agribusiness ideas in Kenya. Agriculture is the backbone of Kenya’s economy, contributing about 75% of the GDP. It is a sector that requires little or no training for one to venture in. It is a sector that one can make a good fortune out of, especially through the various agribusiness opportunities that still remain untapped. 1. Vegetable Farming This undoubtedly one of the most lucrative agribusiness venture in Kenya. This is ideally because Kenyans consume vegetables on a daily basis. The demand for…

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The dairy farm where Gladys Boss Shollei keeps hundreds of pedigree cattle

Gladys sholei farm

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesGladys Boss Shollei, the former Chief Registrar at the Judiciary and the current Uasin Gishu Woman Rep has taken dairy farming by storm. At her farm which is situated at Plateau in Uasin Gishu County, Ms. Shollei keeps hundreds of pedigree cattle, which include Friesian, Holsteins, Guernsey and Brown Swiss. The dairy cows are grouped in cubicles ranging from the youngest calf to the expectant cow. This way, she is able to monitor the lactation and feeding cycle. “Most farmers group their herds and fail to remember that it…

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