On Ringo: Rosa Won’t be Able to Box Again

Rosa Ringo

After Gloria leaves, Ringo tells Teresa that Turco kidnapped Gloria. She reminds Ringo that she wants Gloria out of there, but Ringo points out that Gloria hasn’t found a place yet. At the hospital, Rosa asks Guachin and Oso who they are. The doctor explains to Oso that sometimes after coming out of a coma, patients suffer post-traumatic amnesia. Meanwhile, Guachin talks to Rosa about herself, telling her she is a wonderful boxer! Rosa mulls that over then remembers that Guachin is her friend and Oso is her boss. But…

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Agribusiness idea to make up to Ksh 1,000,000(1million) within 3 months under the 1-acre piece of land

Agribusiness idea

Agribusiness idea: Every household, hotel, restaurant, or any other food vendor uses onions on a daily basis as one of the ingredients in the preparation for most of the food items. Food manufacturers and other factories also use onions as one of the ingredients in the fabrication of some of their specified items. That alone is enough to explain how huge the demand of onions can be, for you to believe that if you can venture into the business of growing onion even with a small piece of land you…

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The Late Lady Maureen’s Mother Finally Speaks Out

Lady Maureen

Mother to the late Lady Maureen miss Margret Atieno has finally given out her word after her daughter’s demise. The 36 years old who was born on the 22nd of November 1984 at Seme Kombegwa village succumbed to illness at around 3am while receiving home care based treatment at her sister’s place in Uriri on Saturday. Lady Maureen death was later confirmed to the media by her sister Bella Achieng and her cousin Bella Akinyi who was with her at the time of her death The mother to the late went ahead…

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Joho and Junet’s Chartered Jet That Set Tongues Wagging.

Joho and Junet’s Chartered Jet That Set Tongues Wagging. 1

The lavish chartered private jet, which Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho and Suna East MP Junet Mohamed used to fly to Dubai on Thursday afternoon, has been the talk of town since its photos first hit the internet. Arguably the closest Raila Odinga confidantes in ODM, the two Baba stalwarts were on a mission to pay their political godfather a visit in Dubai, where he is recuperating after undergoing a corrective nerve surgery. The two politicians never miss a chance to show how close and loyal they are to Raila…

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Google Urges Android Users to Immediately Delete These 24 Banned Apps.

Google Banned Apps

Google has banned a further 24 apps from its Play Store because of concerns they are causing Android users to be flooded with adverts. The tech giant banned more than 50 apps last month for the same problem, with worries that the apps were clogging phones up with annoying hardware. Now there are 25 more apps that users should delete from their phone if they use Android, reports the Daily Express. The latest attack is a serious one as it targeted Facebook users with stolen personal details and credentials that hackers…

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Revealed: How Ngilu And Cartels Conned Tseikuru Residents Mbiti Earth Dam Multi-Million of Money.

How Ngilu

Residents of Masyungwa within the Tseikuru ward are a bitter lot. This is after the failed Ngilu and her cartel Water CO Kiilu conned the residents in the desilting of Kwa Mbiti earth dam which is today an eyesore and a yawning graveyard to the locals. You see, Ngilu the mistress of treachery awarded the tender to desilt the dam to one of her slave and cartel contractor Kyalo Munyithya from Gai in Kyuso.The total cost of the tender was Ksh30 Million but Ngilu cut a deal with the cartel…

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I Opened My Daughter’s Room Without Knocking, And I Saw The Most Heartbreaking Thing Ever.


I have an 18-year-old daughter known as Janet. she is a very calm and resourceful girl, or so I thought because of the way she has been able to make a lot of money from working online. She just gained admission into the university of her choice and she has never for once complained about school. Most times I call her to ask her what she needs, but most times she asks me not to worry. I have sent her money countless times and she didn’t even call back to…

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“I Waste Half of My Money on Loose Women” Mzee Kibor


86-year old Kenyan politician and multi-billionaire Jackson Kibor now says he has no regrets wasting half of his money on loose women as that is the source of his happiness. In a statement, the retired politician brags of how his immense wealth has earned his numerous women around the globe. Kibor hilariously stated “Ile kitu inaharibu vijana ni pombe. Mimi ninaeza ambia vijana watafute mali na wanawake watawaubudu” loosely translated to “What is spoiling our youths is alcohol. I urge young men to look for wealth and women will worship…

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Uhuru Brutal Team That Is Set To See Ruto Resign from the Government.


A secret plot to appoint Gideon Moi as deputy president after he will have staged a spirited onslaught and piled pressure on William Ruto to step down is cooking in the pot. The happenings surrounding the DP, among them, the luring of his key supporters into the government axis of the Jubilee government supporting Uhuru Kenyatta’s wing of Kieleweke from the DP’s Tanga Tanga brigade, are part of a wider scheme and long time strategy to cut Ruto to size, and eventually, boot him from the corridors of power. Although…

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The Rivalry Between Single Women And Married Women.

Single Women And Married Women

Many married women tend to be suspicious of single women. Dear wives, not every woman who is single is after your husband. Many single women feel pity for married women when they hear of how wives are being mistreated in marriage. Dear single ladies, not every wife has it bad in marriage, marriage is still a beautiful union. Many married women look down on single women because they view marriage is an award, the married women tend to look at single women as less worthy of respect. Dear wives, marriage…

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