Amaizing, Anthony Tom Olouch Scorecard in Hospital Ward For The Last 3Years.


The following are the Facts on Hon Anthony T. Oluoch achievement in the Hospital Ward for the last 3 year’s as Mathare member of Parliament (MP);
1) Construction of Mathare old Secondary school perimeter wall (Complete)
2) Cabro Road leading to Kosovo Mathare old Road. (Complete)


3) Tarmac Road from MCEDO ground 4B to Daraja Mbili and also to ODM office. (Complete)

road construction in Mathare Constituency

4) There is ongoing planned advertisement and procurement for a modern bridge joining Juja Road to Thika Road at Daraja Mbili. (Still on procurement Stage)

5) Upendo and Kosovo Water boreholes and Water kiosks by water authority and Arthi Water following the request and intervention by our able Member of Parliament Hon. Anthony T. Oluoch (The water project is actively going on in 4B and Kosovo)

sample of boreholes in Mathare by Hon Olouch.

6) Pending projects include Completion of Upendo Dispensary Hospital and equip it, Construction of modern ICT center and Community library. Tarmac Road from ODM to Ka Jagame.

Ongoing road construction in Mathare Constituency

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