Next Episode On Ringo: Ringo: Everyone Mourns Death of Manuel


Meeting again in Manuelโ€™s office, Manuel gets a call from Diego who wants to know what Manuel is up to with the shareholder meeting he has called for the next day. Manuel wonders if Diego is nervousโ€ฆbut he goes ahead and tells him that they will take the presidency from him. When Diego reminds him that he has the shareholders behind him, Manuel counters that he is also a shareholder. Once they hang up, Diego makes some calls to make sure that the other shareholders are still backing him. Renato…

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President Uhuru Kenyatta, Leaders Mourn The Late Former President Mkapa.

President Mkapa

President Uhuru Kenyatta has wished the family of the Former President Mkapa and all Tanzanians Godโ€™s comfort and fortitude as they mourn their departed leader. The President in his message of comfort to the family mourned the departed Tanzanian leader as an outstanding East African who worked tirelessly for the integration, peace, and progress of the region. Former President Benjamin William Mkapa, died early Friday at a hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Leaders have sent their messages of condolences to the family and continue to do so. In a…

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Ara Gets A Win Over NYS1 Suspects; Suspects Ordered To Forfeit Property.


An Anti-corruption court has ruled in favor of the Assets and Recovery Agency. Justice Mumbai Ngugi has directed the government to take over a house in Kasarani, a parcel of land in Ruiru and four Prados. In the ruling that was delivered on Thursday the while granting the forfeiture order, is quoted saying, ” It is my finding, therefore, and I so hold that the assets the subject of this matter owned directly or indirectly by the respondents are proceeds of crime. โ€The properties in question belong to Sam Mwandime,…

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