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10 Fact About Girls: When You Realize This, Your Success Skyrockets

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There is nothing magical about any girl or woman.

There’s nothing special about even the hottest chicks in the world.

Hence, no guy should be intimidated by any girl.

No guy should allow a girl to control and walk all over him.

Allow me to explain…

It’s undoubtedly true that girls hold a lot of power over us guys…
… and they are very aware of it.

The average girl has been approached more times than we’ve had breakfast… and this boosts their self-esteem.

Since puberty, the physically attractive girl has received a lot of attention from every guy she encounters.

She is so used to receiving compliments from guys that they no longer mean anything to her.

The physically attractive girl has tons of guys pursuing her, kissing up to her and satisfying her every whim.

She has guys groveling before her and worshiping the ground she walks on.

She has guys jumping through an endless string of hoops just for the opportunity to be with her.

Heck! She has guys bowing before her as if her vagina is made of gold.

All these attention and admiration makes girls feel superior

Girls realize the powerful effect they can have on guys.

They’ve learned how easy guys are to manipulate and get to do their bidding.

A hot girl expects every guy to bow down before her.

The hot girl leads guys on letting them think they could have sex with her, even though she has no intention of ever engaging in it with them.

The fact is, girls use our desperate need for sex against us.

The fact that we guys desperately pursue girls and act like a wuss just to get sex from them has made them believe that they’re superior and better than us.


But girls are just plain, ordinary people…

… there is nothing magical about any girl or woman.

There’s nothing special about even the hottest chicks in the world.

They do all the gross things that any guy does, from passing gas to picking boogers out of their nose.

They fart and shit just like everyone else.

They’re just mere humans.

Girls need us more than we need them

Truth is, girls literally live for our adoration.

Underneath their bravado and self-esteem boost, they desperately need us.

They need us more than we need them.

When you don’t give them the attention they need, they’ll be the ones seeking yours.

So when you meet an attractive girl or a woman and want her…

… don’t be scared of talking to her.

Never, be intimidated by her.

nevertheless, Don’t be overly excited to be with her.

Try not be complimenting her every chance you get.

Ensure you don’t show too much interest to the extent that you act a fool.

And avoid the ‘nice guy’ syndrome… even that doesn’t really get you the girl.

No woman or girl is better than you.

Let girls be the ones to seek your attention and approval

Never give a girl what she wants… never give her the adoration she is looking for.

Instead, let her be the one to seek your attention and approval.

You see, attractive girls are used to guys desperately pursuing them and falling for their tricks and games.

Now, if you meet an attractive girl and you don’t show any interest (or at least you pretend you’re not interested in her), you send a powerful message about how little you need (from her).

This gets her intrigue… and with the right approach, you will have her pursuing you.

That being said, no ordinary girl should be put up on a pedestal…
… save that for the girl you’re in a romantic relationship with.

Don’t treat a girl you’re not sexually involved with as if she’s the center of the universe.

Sure, you need a girl but that doesn’t mean you should act like a wuss just to be with one.

So there you have it…

… the simple fact about girls.

Once you stop looking at girls as if they are more important than you and you stop treating them as if they’re the center of the universe, it has all kinds of magical effects.

If you take nothing else away from this post, let it be this: a girl needs you more than you need her.

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