Former Street Youth Begin Hands-On Training At MYS Center 2021

MYS Center

As promised by Governor Kiraitu Murungi, the former youth from the streets across towns in Meru are finally starting to receive hands-on training and experience at MYS Center on real-life practical work to give them the much-needed skills that will turn them into key contributors in the efforts of transforming the County as well as uplifting their own lives.

MYS Center

Today MYS Center the youth who was famously known as “Ma Commandos” or “Chokora” began their first practical classes in the painting by learning the basics such as ‘skimming’ where they were carefully guided and instructed by trainers from Plascon Paint Kenya(formerly known as ‘Sadolin’).

In addition, the youth are continuing to receive training at MYS Center on discipline, behavior change, guidance, counseling, and encouragement from religious leaders, social scientists, and other experts as per Governor Kiraitu’s agenda to ensure that they receive complete transformation to become responsible and dependable members of the society, irrespective of their backgrounds.

MYS Center

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