Woman Cheers as son Eats Piping-hot Ugali

An underwhelming video of a woman cheering as her son munches on a hot ugali has surfaced the social media.

The woman has been criticized for watching as the child posed a threat to his throat with each bite of the scorching ugali.

It certainly makes sense to refer to the woman as ill-mannered, for she watched as the son remained tethered to the risk of contracting throat cancer.

The fact that the woman didn’t take the lad’s health concern seriously portraits how careless she is. The sloppy footage, capturing the child eating the hot ugali serves as an eye-opener to the many breaches of care that go unnoticed.

The child’s move reverberates with heightened danger. According to medical practitioners, there’s a possibility that the child’s throat lining could have been irritated.

It’s worth noting that if the woman continues to watch helplessly as the son eats hot ugali, there’s a chance it might lead to chronic inflation and to the extreme development of cancer cells.

The next time you see someone eating food above 140° Fahrenheit, remind them not to offset the burning sensation with cold water as this might worsen the whole condition.

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Written by Senior Editor