Willis Raburu Biography, Age, Wife, Wealth, Education, Salary At Citizen TV.

Willis Raburu

The imposing Willis Raburu joined the mainstream media when he was still a third-year student at Moi University. Willis Raburu was schooled at K24 but was to join Citizen TV in October 2010 after graduating with a Bachelor of Information Science-media degree. He rose from a reporter to host 10/10-one of the most popular programs on TV- alongside Joey Muthegi by then.

He said of his journey in the media field: “When I was 24 and I got hired by Citizen Television straight out of campus – that was a very pivotal point in my life. Many did not believe that one can get employed at a reputable organization without having ‘key’ connections.

The job came at a time when I had been turned down by other local TV stations – they told me I did not have the right type of voice for broadcast.

NTV Interest on Willis Raburu

NTV was keen to bring onboard the easy charming Willis Raburu from last year but one after Madowo opted out of the Trend to concentrate on his new baby-the Sidebar political show. Raburu was seen as the best fit to replace Madowo and negotiation started. According to Business Today, the deal fell flat after Royal Media Services (RMS) Managing Director Wachira Waruru agreed to give the then 10/10 host a pay rise. NTV unveiled Amina Abdi amid pomp and color to host the Trend instead.

Willis Raburu salary at Citizen

According to online news outlets, the gifted all-rounded journalist was to pocket kes700,000 which is inclusive of allowances amounting to kes250,000 if he joined NTV. Of course, this pay is exaggerated. His pay at Citizen TV is not more than kes300,000 inclusive of allowances.

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What he owns

Raburu drives a Mercedes Benz, a car associated with the rich in Kenya.


Unlike most of the peers, the journalist is built a mansion that befits his status.


The energetic 10 over 10 host is married to Marya Prude. The couple exchanged vows two years ago in an invite-only affair. According to Mpasho, Raburu’s marriage is on the rocks and the wife has reportedly moved out of their matrimonial home.

Willis said of his first meeting with Marya:

Willis Raburu

“We Met In Church, At Jubilee Christian Church Through My Friend Pablo. He Introduced Me And When I Saw Her, I Was Like ‘Good Lord Hallelujah!’ But Even Though I Noticed Her Fine-Ness, I Didn’t Do Anything As I Was Still In A Relationship. About A Year Passed By After We Met…” 

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