Why Kenyans Need To Free Themselves From The Kenyatta’s:


The CIA started collecting info on the Kenyatta’s in the early 1970s. The reports also mention involvement in the illegal charcoal business as well as the holding of an export license for 1,250 baby elephant tusks to Margaret Kenyatta (then Mayor of Nairobi)

At the time, the Game Dept (now KWS) was involved in the slaughter of elephants. In 1973 and 1974, according to The Sunday Times, the Game Department “expended heavy ammunition at such a rate that it was forced to scour the Nairobi gunsmiths for fresh supplies.” This was as a result of the heavy killing of elephants inorder to feed the First Daughter’s ivory business.


The TJRC Report appears to have some insights. It says Kenyatta personally approved the purchase of large farms by his family in the Rift Valley, exempting the transactions from review by the respective land control boards.

Amongst these holdings is Gicheha ranch in Naivasha, a favorite of Uhuru Kenyatta. The more than 4,000-acre Gicheha Farm hosts some 1,000 animals, a majority of them imported from South Africa.

Wikileaks has a list of land holdings in acres:

52k Nakuru, 50k Taita, 29k Kahawa Sukari, 24k Taveta, 20k Gichea Farm, 12k Naivasha,10k Naivasha, 10k Rumuruti, 9k Kasarani, 5k Thika, 5k Muthaita Farm, 5k Eldoret
4K Gicheha Farm, 3k in Rongai, 1k Dagoretti


The House of Ichaweri owns Heritage Hotels which offers 7 properties in 3 different brands:

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-Voyager Resort in Mombasa and Tsavo
-Intrepids camps in Samburu and Maasai Mara
-Great Rift Valley lodge
-Mara Explorer Camp and Kipungani Explorer in Lamu.


The House of Ichaweri owns a piece of NCBA, which aside from being a custodian bank for MPesa is also one of the founders of the Stawi Mobile Lending app…who are responsible for some of you being in the CRB. When you hear the President talking of CRB, just know he’s never sincere about it…because after all, you owe his family business their money.

That 13.2% stake in NCBA was valued at Sh6.6bn in 2019.


Y’all love that smooth, silky, Brookside goodness, right? Well, it’s owned 50% by The House of Ichaweri with Danone and the former Abraaj Group owning 50%.

Abraaj paid $18.7mn for a 10% stake in 2009 putting the total valuation at Sh18bn ($187mn) at the time.

Market share: 40%MEDIA:
The House of Ichaweri owns Mediamax which they acquired from Rose Kimotho. Mediamax owns The People, Tv stations (Kameme and K24) Radio stations- Emoo FM, Milele FM, Kameme FM, Msenangu and Meru FM.


All these family jewels are however dwarfed by the sheer size and audacity of Northlands City, which aims to build a residential, agricultural, and industrial metropolis on The House’s land near Ruiru.


  1. There are the linkages to Rai Plywoods Ltd.
  2. They have interests in Ngano Wheat farms (Tanzania), Menengai Oil, West Kenya Sugar, Kinyara Sugar Works (Uganda), Sukari Industries (Kenya) and Timsales, which is associated with the Kenyatta family.
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This is the part of history that is never mentioned in classrooms about Kenyatta’s. We’re always told of how good they were fighting for our freedom while in the real sense, they were interested in the personal capture of our economy.

Kenya’s history is warped in the sense that what we adults read in schools and what our children are learning now is as published by the Jomo Kenyatta Foundation…..Kenya’s pioneer publishing house founded in 1966 that has always put the Kenyattas as Kenya’s saviors while it’s clear that it is not the case! It was critical from the get-go to shape the narrative.

The other day I read how 1,647 Mau Mau war veterans each received a bale of Maize flour and a blanket from our Gender and Social Services Department to cushion these senior citizens against the economic distress caused by covid-19 pandemic.

This so-called selfless act made me want to hit the TV and cry at the same time. People that Jomo conned his way to power are now living like beggars in a nation that they were maimed and tortured for in order to have independence but his family is the one living large at their expense!

Of course psycophants will still jump up and down singing “mundu wa nyumba, kamwana gaitu ga gwiciarira” supporting #BBI but they have no idea how that family is perfecting the art of both state and personal capture of our country.

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