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Who Owns De La Rue? Company That Print Kenyan Currency

Who owns De La Rue, Print Kenyan Currency

To begin with, Kenyan currency is printed in a company known as De La Rue in Nairobi, the company has also been responsible for producing valuable documents such as the first national identity cards, and most notable is the printing and production of Kenyan notes.

The company has its headquarters in the Basingstoke United Kingdom and was founded by Thomas De la Rue in around 1831.

Despite having a French name, the company is a British company. Its main function is to provide government and commercial organizations with products and devices that help them to trade, companies to sell, economies to grow, and people to move securely around an ever more connected world.

Moreover, De La Rue Kenya works closely with the Central Bank Of Kenya which regulates the money supply in the country to avoid inflation in the country.

Who owns De La Rue?

Despite its French name, De La Rue is a British manufacturer based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, with a factory in Gateshead and other facilities in Essex and Somerset.

The company manufactures banknotes and deals with the security printing of passports, tax stamps, and brand authentication.

Founded by Thomas de la Rue in 1821, the company is now run by chief executive officer Martin Sutherland.

They currently produce the UK’s burgundy EU passports.

Lead Security Officer Salaries at DeLa Rue, Kenya

The average net salary for a Lead Security Officer at De La Rue, Kenya is KSh 95K. Salary estimated from 1 employee

The average salary for De La Rue is 152,250 Shilling. This data is collated by 2 employees from De La Rue. The roles include Operational Excellence Manager, Lead Security Officer.

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