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Kenyan Nurses Salary Per Month & Their Job Groups.

Kenyan Nurses

Kenyan Nurses salary scale based on job groups against their salaries per month Nursing as a career under the medical field is one of the role model jobs in Kenya.

Many wish to be nurses in Kenya especially girls would wish one day to be nurses. 

Nursing is a noble career just like teaching and it’s very respected in the community. Nurses play a vital role in taking care of patients and creating a link between patients and doctors.

Despite many wanting to be Kenyan Nurses, few know how much nurses earn in Kenya. In this article, I will be unveiling how much nurses take home per month in Kenya. 

In Kenya, nurses’ salary scales vary based on their job groups and designations. In addition to basic salary, nurses are entitled to the uniform allowance, medical allowance, and house allowance.

Here is the Kenyan Nurses salary scale based on job groups.

1. Enrolled Nurses

  Enrolled Nurse IIG ksh 23,369- ksh 29,826 

  Enrolled Nurse IIH ksh 27,052-ksh 34,527

  Enrolled Nurse IIJ ksh 32,061-ksh 38,893

  Senior Enrolled Nurse IIK ksh 40,326- ksh 54,067

  Senior Enrolled Nurse IL ksh 46,683- ksh 59644

2. Registered Kenyan Nurses

  Registered Nurses IIH ksh 39,450- ksh 44,730

  Registered Nurse IIJ ksh 42,850- ksh 47,630

  Senior Registered Nurse L ksh 50,315- ksh 54,100

  Chief Registered Nurse M ksh 54,217- ksh 58,430

  Principal Registered Nurse N ksh 58,415- ksh 63,415

  Senior Principal Registered Nurse P ksh 85,110- ksh 119,730

3. Nursing Officers

  nursing officer K ksh 46,580- ksh 65,430

  Senior Nursing Officer L ksh 50,640-69,790

  Principal Nursing Officer N ksh 62,247-ksh 84,877

  Deputy Director, Nursing Service R ksh 129,950- ksh 136, 825

 Director, Nursing services S ksh 136,915- ksh 144, 220

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