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Brian Kibet Release Statement On Baseless Allegations By His Opponents.

Kahawa Wendani


Great and Loving People of Wendani, I have listened to you, and will always listen to you and share in your overwhelming love. My attention, however, has been drawn to recent developments where a few elements and perpetrators of hate and backward politics have taken to the social platforms to hurl unguided insults at our brothers and sisters.

Let it, therefore, be known that (I) as Brian Kibet, resident of this majestic Ward of Kahawa Wendani, a principled fighter for humanity and a strong believer of respect, undefiled conscience and character categorically present my official position as follows:-

On insults and name-calling on media

THAT we know the perpetrators of these insults together with their masters who are hell-bent to tarnish the names of the targeted individual(s) aiming at putting us at loggerheads and further sacrificing the good dreams for Wendani on the alter of insults and name-calling.

THAT I formally distance myself from such elements purporting to be talking for or on behalf of myself in a very uncultured and skewed manner with zero respect to the loving people of Wendani. It must, therefore, be known, to them and their masters that we shall very soon unmask the jackal and put bare the enemies of the people.

I will continue engaging Wendani residents DIRECTLY as I have always done without the cover of cowardice behind keyboards for my respect for Wendani is beyond fake accounts and paid blogging. I’ve got no bile whatsoever against anyone and characters portraying otherwise must thus be warned going forward against such uncivilized behaviors.

Wendani still mourns

I am saddened and surprised by the untamed appetite for power by individuals barely weeks even before our tears dry out, who find it normal to abuse and name-call. Those that have continually been campaigning for and against themselves by citing names should, therefore, be reminded that campaigns aren’t on yet, let sobriety reign.

On Covid 19

LASTLY, my heart goes out to the people of Wendani and I beseech Heavens to grant us divine protection and guidance during these trying moments of the bruising pandemic of Covid 19.
I further extend a hand of gratitude and encouragement to my brothers Mr. Keva Ochieng, Mr. Pau, Mr. Derrick Mbugua, Mr. Brian Imballa and dear sisters Rose Karimi and Margaret Wanjiku and everyone else who’ve in their own small and special ways put the effort in an attempt to contribute in the fight against this pandemic.

In addition to what I’ve equally done towards the same, I commit to doing more and by extent welcome all of us to more and greater of these actions as we unite together to fight Covid 19. Let’s remain adherent to laid down measures, encourage one another as opposed to stigmatization, sensitization as opposed to fear-mongering, take care of one another and most importantly pray for our motherland Kenya.

God bless Kahawa Wendani.

Kind Regards

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