Wema Sepetu Reveals The Killer Disease She Is Suffering From And Ask Fans To Pray For Her

Wema Sepetu

Famous Tanzanian model and actress Ms. Wema Sepetu have revealed the killer disease she has been battling for the first time in an interview with a newspaper in Tanzania.

Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu who also calls herself “The Tanzanian Sweetheart” revealed that she has been suffering from “Pneumonia” which caused her chest to swell and made it difficult for her to breathe. She said at one point she was in so much pain that she thought it was going to die. 

Wema Sepetu who continues to recover says that when she fully recovers she will say a prayer to God to thank him for protecting her life. 

The health of the actor who at one time was a lover of Diamond Platnumz has been questioned by her fans inside and outside Tanzania especially after she significantly reduced body weight. 

Her request to her fans now is that they continue to pray for her to recover completely as her illness recurring from time to time. She seems to be pushing herself hard via Instagram, she has announced that she has published a new culinary program on her ” Wema App“. 

It is no secret that the girl who once won a beauty pageant and represented Tanzania as “Miss Tanzania” has been desperate to have a child but a health problem that she did not disclose has stopped her.


 Recently she sparked rumors on social media after buying a white dog and naming him, “Vanilla Nunu” and opening an Instagram account that currently has more than 12,000 followers. 

” The most comfortable you know. My mother is a lover of Tanzania Wema Sepetu. Welcome to my world. And yes I am very spoiled at least that is what my mother does to me.” Written in Account.

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