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How To Update Your KRA PIN to iTax System Step by Step

KRA PIN to iTax system

KRA recently moved from the Integrated Tax Management System (ITMS) to the new iTax System.

If you acquired your KRA pin with the old ITMS system and want to file your returns now or carry out any other transaction, then you need to move to the new KRA iTax system.

The KRA iTax system lets you file returns, apply for Tax compliance certificate, pay your taxes and so on.

So in this guide am going to show you how to update your KRA pin from the old ITMS system to the new KRA iTax system.

What are Essentials for Updating KRA Pin on iTax system

  • KRA pin
  • Working email address
  • ID number

The process to Update Your KRA PIN to iTax

  • 1. Visit the KRA iTax portal
  • 2. Enter your KRA PIN and click on the Continue button.
  • 3. You will get this “You have not updated your details in iTax. Click here to update.”
  • 4. Next select taxpayer type and citizenship.
  • 5. Fill in your ID number, date of birth, security stamp, and submit.
  • 6. The next window is the iPage update page where most of your details will already be filled for you.
  • 7. Look at all the fields and update where you feel like.
  • 8. Enter your email and verify it. That’s why you need to have a working email address to update your KRA pin on iTax.
  • 9. Select the source of income. If you are not employed, running a business, or a landlord, check all the boxes with NO.
  • 10.Perform the arithmetic operation at the bottom and then click “submit.”
  • 11. You will get a PIN immediately on your iTax page. Download it and print. Another copy of your PIN will be sent to your email.

That’s it. If you have reached this far congratulations. That’s how you migrate/update your KRA pin from the old ITMS system to the new KRA iTax system.

How To Update Your KRA PIN to iTax system Step by Step

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