This Is Governor Salary On a Monthly Basis in Kenya

Governor Salary in Kenya

The basic salary of a governor in Kenya is Ksh1, 111,673 while his/her deputy pockets monthly salary of Ksh 728,831

He is the CEO of a county, he oversees all the finances, recruitment, projects, and any aspect associated with a county. Due to the amount of power he oozes, this person has become a small god in his county.

People have to bow before him to get services, jobs, and tenders and due to his powerful position, he decides who to get a job, tenders, and services awarded by the county.

What is more exciting about this position is the fact that a governor gets something from tenders, he gets allowances from every meeting he attends, he registers his own companies that supply products to the county, he awards himself tenders.

They controls a huge amount of money, which sometimes is stolen under his watch.

In a bad month, a governor pockets not less than Ksh10 million, not from salaries but deals he cuts with tenderpreneurs and other brokers. This explains why some of the governors who secured their seats in 2013 while broke are now millionaires.

Above are reasons why everyone is rushing to get this positions in Kenya.

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