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Tomato Variety That Will Reap You Millions in Months

Tomato Variety That Will Reap You Millions in Months

Tomato farming is one of the most lucrative agri-businesses in Kenya. Demand for this horticultural fruit has risen over the years. With good grasp knowledge of tomato farming and the right variety, you can reap big with this crop.

For high-yielding and quality fruits, it’s advisable to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse. But not to discourage those who would want to grow in an open field, though more work will be needed as compared to the previous.

Which is the best Tomato Variety to reap huge profits

The whole idea of any crop farming is to make income or provision of food to the family and tomato farming is no exception.

Prostar F1

This is the highest yielding tomato variety compared to others. It requires a space between each other of 60 to 45 cm. The ideal climate for growing this variety should be warm weather.

In addition, Prostar F1 takes about 8o to 85 days to mature and if grown in one acre of land it can yield up to 180, 000 kgs which are about 300 boxes.

Benefits of growing Prostar F1 variety

1. It can grow and give high yields in both open fields and in greenhouses.

2. Produces beautiful red oval-shaped fruits.

3. Bacterial wilt and tomato leaf curl virus resistant.

How to make 1.4 million with Prostar F1

We have seen this variety is capable of producing 300 boxes in one acre, but only when all things go to plan.

And because of this let’s assume you harvest 240 boxes of tomatoes and considering that one box cost around 4, 500 to 6, 000 shillings when demand is high.

Then our sale will be, the number of boxes harvested X the cost of tomatoes in the market which will be equal to the total sale. 240 boxes X Kes 6000=Kes 1,440, 000.

The secret

Please note that it’s recommended to plant your seedling in February to harvest in May and also plant in August to harvest in December. This is when market demand for tomatoes skyrockets.

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