Why Uhuru Surrendered and Later Held 7hr Meeting With Dp William Ruto.

Uhuru and Ruto

Reports have surfaced alleging that President Uhuru Kenyatta met with his Deputy William Ruto on Saturday, May 30, in a seven-hour meeting at State House which reflected later during Madaraka Day Celebrations…

The meeting comes in the wake of wrangles and division that have recently rocked the Jubilee Party, leading to the purge against key allies of DP Ruto.

This Is Why Uhuru Surrendered to Ruto

√ Uhuru was warned that the appointment of Dr Ruto to global governance , was a indication from Africans countries are against uhuru.

√ Uhuru was advised to approach Ruto, to stop the African News publisher company, file case against him at ICC, for using it in fake assassinating claims.

√ Uhuru was alerted that the wetangula, mudavadi will deliver 80% to sugoi.

√ Uhuru was alerted that joho, mvuria, kingi and samboja are planning by August to join sugoi firm.

√ Uhuru was planning to steal the BBI victory! ~he was warned that if he dares, it will be the end of him in leadership, kenya will be more messy than 2007, and ICC will never forgive him.

Uhuru was advised that Ruto’s Army (Hustler nation) increased from 71% to 83% from the day he started humilliting him ,he should bring ruto closer before he unlock the country to avoid resistance from hustler Army. .

√ Uhuru was advised that Raila was planning to impeach him August 6th if BBI fails , and tanga will be watching the game without offering any help.

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√ Uhuru was advised keeping Ruto aside, Kenyans are only blaming uhuru for all corruptions, and dirty doings in the government.

√Uhuru was warned that Ruto might endorse Punguza mzigo initiative and overpower BBI, then punguza mzigo will implement Ndungu reports.

√ Uhuru was warned if Tanga Tanga continue to decline parliament committeess , the government will be unable to transact any business, and uhuru will end up with no legacy.

√ Uhuru was advised that Ruto isn’t against Bomas BBI, but against Raila’s proposed BBI for a powerful Prime Minister,2 deputies and regional government.

√ Uhuru was advised to drop Raila’s BBI ,and ask Ruto to endorse the Original Bomas BBI, which Prime Minister is like Aden duale.

√ Uhuru was advised that he must bring Ruto closer to government, if he want to protect the Kenyatta family properties after 2022.

√ Uhuru was warned not to wait for Ruto’s came back, becouse Ruto has a secreat plan, to kill all dynasties at once and Kenyatta family Will be the first to suffer.

Uhuru and Ruto
Rachel Ruto and Margaret Kenyatta

State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena declined to comment on the meeting while Ruto’s spokesperson Emmanue Tallam playing cagey with information on the alleged meeting.

“I am not aware of that meeting. If there was one, it must be one of those regular ones between the President and his deputy,” Tallam stated.

Ruto has since gone silent, hatching a laid back approach in his cold war with Kenyatta. A series of meetings between him and close allies revealed that he warned them against rattling Kenyatta, who on an in an interview with NTV on Sunday, May 31, stated that he would only work with those who supported his agenda.

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