How Careful Are You With Your ATM Card?, The new ATM Card Fraud Happening Now.


My Aunt’s colleague who is a teacher just got defrauded of Ksh.83,000 at the ATM, so I decided to share her story to prevent someone else from becoming a victim…

According to her, she left school around 5:30pm (they had ‘after school lesson that day), and when she got to an ATM gallery in New heaven Enugu where she lives, it was already 6:00 and there was a small queue so she joined in.

When it was her turn to withdraw from the ATM, she inserted her card and typed in her pin, but the ATM rejected her card and brought it out. She tried two more times but it still got rejected.

So she brought the card out to clean it on her clothe and the man that just finished withdrawing from the ATM and was counting his money beside her noticed the issue she was having and stepped in to assist her. He told her to clean the card very well that he had that same issue before withdrawing.

According to her, when she was cleaning the card again, the man told her she’s not doing it right and collected her card from her, showing her where she should clean and cleaned it on his shirt. He gave her back the card and she inserted it into the ATM and waited for the next prompt.

She waited for a few seconds but the ATM started playing the ‘welcome music’ from the machine and telling her to insert her card. She was confused because her card was already inside the ATM, and that was when she realized the ATM has ‘swallowed’ her card. The started acting pity towards her and told her to go and meet the security men immediately, so they would bring out her card from the machine, and she quickly left to look for a security man.

At that point, it was already getting dark and she saw one of the security men and told him her issue. The security man told her she has to come back the next day because nothing can be done that night. According to her, she was so sad and frustrated because she really needed the money that evening.

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She left the bank and went to the ATM gallery to tell the man that helped her that they told her to come back the next day, but he wasn’t there anymore. She asked a few people she saw earlier if the guy has gone and they told her he has already left. So, she decided to go home and come back the next day for her card.

When she was inside the bus going back to her place which is not too far from the bank, she heard a message alert on her phone but decided to check it when she gets down from the bus thinking it’s probably all those ‘spam messages’ from her mobile network. A few seconds later, she got another message, but the bus was already at her bus stop, so she quickly got down and paid her transport fare.

Walking on the street to her house, she decided to check her messages… and she saw four debit alert messages! She opened each one and saw (three) 20,000 naira debit alerts and (one) 23,000 naira debit alert, making it 83,000 naira debits in total…and the only money remaining in her account was one hundred and fifty-three shillings (#153).

She quickly ran to her house because she could not believe what was happening. She got to her house and informed her husband and son what happened. Her son told her to check her account balance using the code which she did but still saw the #153 in her account. They asked how everything happened and she explained how the ATM swallowed her card and how a man helped her… and that was when her son figured out what probably happened.

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According to her son, the man that tried to help her probably swapped her ATM card with an expired card, which made the ATM seize it. He went on to say he has heard kinds of stuff like that happening but didn’t know how real it was. They were all shocked but decided to wait until the next day to go to the bank just to be sure.

The next day, they got to the bank and complained about her card being seized by the ATM and the debit alerts she received. They didn’t necessarily tell the bank about the man that assisted her last night.

And true to what her son said, the bank staff looked for her card inside the ATM but could not find it. They even invited her to look for her card herself but she could not find it. That was when she told them about what happened with the guy and they told her there’s nothing they could do about it. They sadly left the bank and she never got her money or card back.

Now, what everyone is asking is how the man that assisted her at the ATM got her pin? Because according to her, he was not close to her the few times she typed in her pin… Or can one withdraw money with someone’s card without the pin?

I would have said he used those numbers on the ATM card to transfer out the money online, but the transactions showed it was an ATM withdrawal.

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And some people are saying she was ‘jazzed’ and actually gave him all her money herself… but I find that hilarious!

Anyway, let’s all be careful and beware of people who approach us at the ATMs.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you encountered something like this or know someone that has?

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