Next On Ringo: Julia Divorce Is Final! She Calls Ringo With The News.

Julia Divorce Is Final

TweetShare53SharePin53 Shares Eva calls Julia with wonderful news. Her divorce is final! Thank you she says as she smiles widely. She calls Ringo with the news – I’m free she exclaims! She is happy they won’t have to hide anymore. Ringo wonders how long it will take for them to get married. They talk about a romantic proposal. Brenda emerges from her cave to ruin Julia’s day, taunting her about losing the company presidency. Julia retorts she didn’t want control, that was their father’s idea! Bratty Brenda cares not. Oso…

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Next On Ringo: Julia Goes To See Rosa Who Is In Tears And Very Worried. After Julia Gives Her A Consoling Hug, Rosa Tells Her What Happened In The Ring.

Julia Goes To See Rosa Diego

TweetShare43SharePin43 Shares Santi runs after Ringo and sees him in a full-blown lock lip with Julia, he calls out to his father. Ringo asks him to say hello to Julia, but Santi runs back inside. Julia advises Ringo to go talk to Santi; so, Ringo goes back inside where he scolds Santi for being rude to Julia. When Santi tells him that he didn’t like seeing him kiss Julia, Ringo tells him that it is not his business and he and Julia know what they are doing. Santi doesn’t care;…

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Next On Ringo: Julia’s Face Reflects Her Fury At Diego’s Machinations. She Is In Disbelief And Wonders Who She Actually Married

Julia Brenda

TweetShare53SharePin53 Shares Julia and Sandra reprise their conversation. Julia’s face reflects her fury at Diego’s machinations. She is in disbelief and wonders who she actually married. Ringo told her so many times that Diego wasn’t who she thought and yet, she never listened. She curses Diego and wants to kill him, but Sandra warns her not to do anything until she talks to Avendaño…she might alert Diego. Julia threatens that if she finds out that Diego had anything to do with her father’s murder, she will make sure he rots…

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