Top 7 Worst Paying Jobs In Kenya 2020.

Worst Paying Jobs in Kenya.

TweetShare4SharePin59 Shares Getting a high-paying job is usually the top priority for everyone and that is why we see many Kenyan students aspiring for diplomas and degrees in marketable courses. However as poor circumstances are meant to surface, Kenya still has a number of worst-paying jobs and many of the professionals in these jobs claim they get peanuts in return for their vigorous efforts. A good instance is the protest staged by Kenyan teachers demanding that the government should increase their salaries. WORST PAYING JOBS IN KENYA In reality, it…

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A Young Boy Graduated From The University And Was Looking For A Job For More Than 12 Years Without Finding One.


TweetShare111SharePin111 Shares Because of hardships he became a taxi driver fortunate for him today he picked up a man coming to see a Pastor in his office and was waiting outside, after praying for the brother, the Pastor escorted him out. Suddenly when the Pastor saw this taxi driver and said Emmanuel he responded sir, how did you know my name? i said what are you doing….. driving a taxi because i see you with powerful certificates he began to cry. God showed them where Emmanuel was tied since he…

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Top 10 Job Interview Tips That Will Help You Make a Good Impression

Job Interview

TweetShareSharePin44 Shares Are you in the midst of a job search? If you focus your attention on positions that you are qualified for, you should soon start receiving job interview calls. When it comes to preparing for this important day or days, keep these 10 tips in mind: Job Interview Tip #1 – Bring a Copy of Your Resume This resume isn’t necessarily for the hiring manager, as they should already have a copy of your resume. It is so that you can quickly reference your skills, training, and education.…

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What You Should Say When Asked “Tell Us About Yourself” In an Interview.


TweetShareSharePin44 Shares Prior to being hired, you need to undergo a number of processes – from lengthy and tricky examinations to really challenging and tiring interviews. Companies provide various sets of examinations that will test your skills and abilities, and that will exhaust your energy at the end of the day. The question about yourself arrives. What’s even more tiresome are the questions that you need to perfectly answer during the interview as this will either make or break you. You might be asking the basic interview questions and the…

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