“You Have 24Hrs To Surrender All The Properties To Abenny’s Main Wife” Chiga Elders To Abenny Jachiga’s Side Chick


TweetShare10SharePin111 Shares Chiga Council of Elders has given Abeny’s side chick 24 Hrs to return all the properties left behind by the late Ohangla artist Abeny Jachiga. The elders said that it was improper for the side chick who was never recognized by the clan to take everything for herself and leaving the legal wife with nothing. While giving directions in the home of the late Abeny Jachiga, the elders noted that the side chick identified as Jessie Akoth Opio may face serious consequences when she will not heed to…

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Exposed: Here Is What Caused The Caused of Death to The Famous Luo Ohangla-Rhumba Musician.

Luo Abenny Jachiga

TweetShareSharePin22 Shares The talented Luo Ohangla-Rhumba maestro is gone. However, his departure has raised more questions than answers. Some have allegedly said the famous musician was killed while others feel he died from sickness. With no particular response as to what caused the death of the famous ‘Wuod Min Okinyo’ hundreds of youths on Thursday, June 11 took to the streets of the lakeside city demanding to see the body of their own at a morgue in Kisumu and answers as to what caused his demise. That said, on Thursday,…

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“Abenny Jachiga are Such Luos the Likes of Jalango and his boysclub. Umalaya! umalaya!” Kenyans Destroy Musician Over the Poor State of his Rural House.

Abenny Jachiga

TweetShare42SharePin42 Shares It is now 2 days after the death of Ohangla artist Abenny Jachiga who was one of the most celebrated Luo artists in Kenya. However, there has been chaos in his rural home in the past 24 hours between the authorities and his fans who have been demanding a decent send-off for Jachiga. The police were forced to bury the body of him were late at night to avoid chaos from the angry crowd who have been making the process to be difficult. In the midst of all…

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