Stop Ignoring Us, We’re Suffering: Seme Residents Tell Nyikal.

Stop Ignoring Us, We're Suffering: Seme Residents Tell Nyikal. 1

The continuing rainfall within the Lake region has caused prolonged floods, which has claimed many victims across Nyanza with thousands displaced.

Little known to many is Seme Sub-County, where more than 300 families could be affected and a good number displaced or rendered homeless.

In Kirindo, West Seme, Korumba, and Akonya in Kombewa, Also in North Ward and Abuogo, Kajulu Koker in the East Ward, being at a higher risk of displacement and homelessness.

Heightening the risk of more homes collapsing, are the rampant spring floods which in extreme cases can cause land slides in these areas.

Mr. Julius Owino, alias “MajiMaji” has met and aided over 50 victims through the collective initiative of “GoroGoro Humanitarian Movement”, with support of Youth volunteers, alias “Jeshi La Korona.”

With no response nor rescue action plans from the area member of parliament, Honourable Nyikal for the past 3 weeks, the victims decided to call for the always available Mr MajiMaji, and asked him to strongly call on the MP to attend to them as the office bearer.

Recently an old man was nearly carried away by the high-speed floods to the lake, was it not for the presence of strong energetic neighbors. His house was swept away and all his belongings taken away by the harsh floods.

With the current situation of the Covid 19 pandemic, the people of Seme and Kenya at large have been undergoing hardship moments of putting food on the table.

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