Sister Want more After She Finally Tested It During Lockdown For The First Time.


Twitter user and a rev. Sister has chosen to do contrary to her belief as she finally cry out on Twitter that she want 2 get married

She said she has been a virgin and Rev. Sister for so many years and have finally tasted love and cannot let go

She said she has come to the stage of getting married as she can no longer hold her self, adding that she has wasted so many years being a virgin

“I think i have been wasting many years being a virgin and I want to marry ooooo, I finally tasted it yesterday and I don’t think I can let it go” she said.

Meanwhile many responded to the tweet as one she could have kept a secret, another said she is never a Rev. Sister but a worker of iniquity

In her reply to the people response she said she has had the intention to get abuse herself but has tasted love and want to get married

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