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See How Hon Irshad Sumra Has Empowered Youths With Ideas During This Time We Are Facing Global Health Crisis.

Hon Irshad Sumra has done it again, this time Sumra has innovated an idea which is working very well for Embakasi welders. The welders have got an idea of making modern hand wash machines which they are selling at Ksh 10,000.

Kenyans have praised the Former MP Hon Irshad Ali Sumra saying he has outperformed many leaders in parliament towards fighting covid-19

The out has spoken Hon Irshad Sumra‘s idea is assisting the welders & youths to develop and manufacture a long-lasting hand wash machines. The manufacturers thank him because they have started earning from the idea & they can afford to put their daily bread on the table.

The idea has not only created jobs opportunities for the youths, but also helped residents to frequently wash their hands as directed by the government.

sumra also had come up with another idea of making face masks, whereby many of women and men from embakasi south are using to afford their daily meals.

the face mask idea/source/YouTube

Hon Sumra Irshad has the brains and ideas to empower Kenyan citizen.

Let’s continue following the world health organization (WHO) directives.


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