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Another Puzzle As Prado with The Same Number Plate with The One Distributed ‘Ruto’ Poisonous Food Emerged. See the Owner

'Ruto' Poisonous Food

It is now evident that the deputy president and his allies distributed foodstuffs laced with poisonous ingredients in a well-orchestrated move to blame the government and earn sympathy.

If what Kimani Ichungwa and the entire Tanga Tanga team claims is true, why didn’t they capture a few photos of the said car while distributing the foodstuffs in question?

Why did the deputy president foundation distribute food in Kikuyu and not his backyard especially in Elgeiyo Marakwet and West Pokot where Kenyans were displaced by floods and landslides? Not to forget he only attends church Harambee in the mt Kenya region and some parts of western.

Why did Kimani Ichungwa and the entire Tanga Tanga online battalion rush to post and blame the government on Facebook instead of reporting to the nearest police station?

It is also good to note that William Ruto foundation only exists on facebook.

Faking number plates qualifies the narrative being spearheaded by Tanga Tanga janjaweeds as a fiction.

Leaving politicized drama around the poisoned food, let see which is the car which was distributing the poisoned food to Kikuyu residents.

The car which distributed this poisoned food was Black S Wagon Vehicle under registration number KCU 351A. The car is believed to be currently owned by Stephen Njoroge and earlier it belonged to Timothy Mwangi.

According to new which came across the media, this food donations was just a deal of William Ruto and his team to accuse the government and earn sympathy votes during the coming 2022 general elections.

Kenyan politics are taking different shapes where the common Mwanainchi is going to suffer more than before as the top politicians are fighting Mwanainchi to prove that they are better for the leadership of the country.

If poisoned food could be donated to Kenyans who are now hospitalized, these leaders really never value people’s life but they have proved to be so selfish.

But why would Tanga Tanga strategists risk lives of innocent Kenyans to gain political mileage and yet they quote Bible verses daily.

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