Ruth Matete’s Husband Did Not Die From Burns, John’s Manager Reveals (Video)

Ruth Matete

Two Days after Ruth Matete lost her husband Beloved John Apewajoye; some weird details about his death have emerged.

While it is now public knowledge that Ruth Matete’s husband succumbed to burns sustained from Gas Cylinder explosion at their home around Athi River, some close friend to the family has come out throwing shade at such claims.

The gentleman identified Jesse Ikoenaze introduced himself as Ruth Matete’s late husband close friend and manager based in Nigeria.  However, this man did not record the video to send condolences to Ruth but rather allege that there is more to discern in John Beloved death than just a Gas explosion.

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Ruth Matete Accused

After explaining his work relationship with the Late John Beloved, Jesse went ahead to express his concerns about the supposed gas accident which claimed the life of Ruth’s husband.

Jesse says that he does not buy the story of the gas explosion which he heard from a close family friend. Apparently, Ruth Matete had not informed Beloved John’s family about the accident until his demise. She had also cautioned family friends from sharing the story about the accident through Whatsapp message she sends asking for donations to fund the medical bill.

Jesse goes ahead to explain how he tried contacting Ruth about the gas accident but Ruth “snobbed” him only for her to call him on 12th informing him about John’s death.

According to Jesse, Beloved did not succumb to burns but domestic violence. He goes ahead to explain how Ruth was too violent to a point of trying to Kill his husband at one point.

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You see, Beloved John’s marriage was never rosy. Ruth Matete you can look at me in the eye and tell the whole world. You were very violent with beloved John. You have stabbed him not once, not twice and not the third time.

Jesse goes further to explain that one day he witnessed Ruth attempting to kill his husband in their house. He had visited them after their wedding which he was an invitee.

In fact the last time you tried to kill beloved John I was there with you guys in your house in Athi River

In a 17 minute video, Jesse leaves no stone unturned, as he explains how Ruth was toxic and violent. He says that he tried to talk John out of this marriage but did not succeed.

shelooks like she cannot hurt a fly but Ruth is wasted and has a psychological issue. Says jesse

Jesse says that Ruth lied to her brother in law by telling him that John was admitted for a surgery because he was suffering from appendices.

However, Jesse says that an Autopsy was supposed to be done on Wednesday 15th and if John is buried before verifying the real cause of his death,  Nigerians will hold Kenyans responsible.

Here is the Jesse’s video

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