Rev Natasha follows Senior Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Donation Example

Africa celebrates its great leaders who in such difficult moments show leadership, national service and are an inspiration to others. Senior Prophet Jeremiah Omoto, has demonstrated unparalleled generosity in donating over 100 million Naira to families who have been greatly affected by the current COVID-19 Pandemic.

In the entire Delta State and all over Nigeria, his kindness has been well received. He has been offering Food Packs, Meal Vouchers, Cash donations in People’s accounts, and fresh farm products to families . Through the Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin Foundation, he has been at the forefront in demonstrating love and concern for the less fortunate. These Food Packs have lighted a spark of joy to many families. Such kind gestures are an answer to many who because of the current COVID-19  Pandemic have had their businesses and sources of income reduced drastically.

Through this Social outreach intervention themed the Stay Safe Care Program, it has inspired many with people from far and wide such as her spiritual daughter Rev Natasha who in following the footsteps of Senior Prophet Jeremiah Omotto has also gone out and donated foodstuffs, sanitizers to people in her city of Nairobi. She is a proud daughter of senior prophet Jeremiah Omoto and has pledged to continue being a positive light and part of the solution.

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