Rev Lucy Natasha hits the headlines with another powerful mesage

Celebrated Nairobi richest pastor Rev Lucy Natasha wowed her followers with a powerful message dubbed the fourth man.

Natasha alias ‘oracle of God’s is the overseer of the miracle Monday service located at 680 hotels near Uhuru highway Nairobi town.

In a video that has gone viral all over the social media platforms clearly highlighted and detailed the characteristics of the fourth man. Apparently, Rev Lucy Natasha has persued the fourth man as a synonym of Jesus Christ.

Nevertheless, in a detailed excerpt, she identified the fourth man and explains to him as highlighted in the bibble from Genesis to Exodus.

In the book of,
Genesis – he is the seed of the woman, Crushing the serpent head.

Exodus – The pillar of cloud by rail and pillar of fire by night.

Deuteronomy – He is the prophet to come

Joshua – Captain of salvation

Judges – Judge and lawgiver

Ruth – Kingsman redeemer

1/2nd Samuel – Trusted Prophet

1/2nd Kings – Ruler of our nation

1/2nd Chronicles – Reigning King

Ezra – Faithful scribe

Nehemiah – Rebuilder of the broken walls of human life

Esther – He is Mordecai and intercessor

Job – Ever living redeemer

Psalms – My shepherd

Proverbs – My wisdom

Ecclesiastes – unsearchable riches

Songs of Solomon – lover and my bridegroom

Isaiah – Prince of peace

Jeremiah – Righteous branch

Lamentations – weeping prophet

Ezekiel – Glory of God in captivity

Daniel – He is the fourth man living in free furnace

Hosea – Faithfull husband

Joel – He is the baptizer with Holy Ghost

Amos – plumbline of our faithfulness

Obadiah – Mighty deliverer

Jonah – God of missionary service

Micheal – He is justice

Nahum – Avenger of God’s elect

Habakuk – He is the watchman

Zephaniah – savior

Hagai – restorer if God’s lost heritage

Malachi – son of righteousness with healing in his wings

Mathew – messiah

Mark- He is a servant and miracle worker

Luke – son of man

John – Son of God

Acts – Holy ghost with fire

Romans – sanctifier

1/2nd Corinthians – justifier

Galatians – Redeemer from curses of the law

Ephesians – Foundation

Philippians – Supplier

Colossians – the fullness of God’s head

1/2nd Thessalonians – the soon coming King

1/2nd Timothy – the instructor

Titus – Faithful pastor

Philemon – the friend that sticks closer than a brother

Hebrews – High priest after the order of Merchidez

James – the power of faith

1/2nd Peter – our Glorious hope

1 John – love

2 John – Truth

3 John – Prosper

Jude – Lord coming down with thousand of saints

Revelations – king of kings, Lord of lords, alpha and omega. His name is Jesus.

Rev Natasha’s powerful message introduced limelight in salvation and a clear image of Jesus. The woman of God has gone down to history over her powerful summons that has impacted generations.

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