What is ”Ailing” DP Ruto Finally Revealed After Questions About DP William Ruto Health Raised.

Deputy President William Ruto Health

William Ruto Health Details have emerged on what is affecting him after appearing on TV during an interview with a local station.

After receiving money and power, former presidential aspirant Mwalimu Abduba Dida claimed that the DP looks like someone who has health issues.

Dida further claimed that Ruto’s ambition to clinch the country’s top seat in the 2022 General Elections has made him look like someone who is suffering from constipation.

Dida said that the current state of Deputy President William Ruto Health should be a learning lesson to many that you should not take things personal.

The former aspirant revealed that the DP when he was selling chicken before becoming a politician he had an easy life and was stress-free until he got money and power.

“Lesson from DP Ruto’s current deteriorated state is, do not take things personal. The DP for example, born and raised selling chicken, very stress-free. Got money and power. Then his ambition to become the president got him looking like a constipated vagabond,” said Dida.

Deputy President William Ruto Health

Earlier, Dida had questioned what was stressing the deputy president claiming that his look and appearance suggested that he might be having health issues.

He claimed that Ruto looked old, tired, confused and seemed like he has reduced weight which should worry many that the DP might be having health problems.

“What is stressing DP William Ruto? He looks old, tired, confused and has reduced weight. I am really worried. And every Kenyan should also be worried,” added Dida.

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Deputy President William Ruto Health

Dida’s remarks come at a time when DP Ruto has suffered a number of political setbacks that could affect his chances of winning the presidential race in 2022.

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