President Magufuli Gives Yet Another Controversial Order

President Magufuli

Tanzanian President, John Pombe Magufuli has been very controversial on various social matters. He was sometimes back, reprimanded by the US government and the European Union for saying that, all schoolgirls that get pregnant, will not be allowed to go back to school and continue learning after giving birth. 

The unfazed president stood his ground on the matter to the extent that the Tanzanian government was sanctioned by the development partners.

President Magufuli rules with an iron fist and he was once regarded as the best president ever in Africa, but that quickly faded when he started to give authoritarian orders that stifle civil rights in the country.

His stand on Corona virus is so controversial to the extent that people all over the world thought that the virus will be the end of him, but the guy is still going strong and the several deaths in the streets that was predicted by many experts have not happened.

During one of his campaign trail rallies in Singida, President Magufuli castigated all those that are using family planning as fools and lazy people who don’t want to work hard and provide for their kids.

This is ironic because President Magufuli only has 2 children and he is discouraging people from doing family planning. He told them that, his government will start providing free primary education so they are allowed to give birth to many children as possible because they have strong men and women with breasts to feed their children

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