”Please Forgive Me,” Babu Owino Request Member of the Public.


Embakasi East MP Babu Owino Sunday morning took to his Facebook page to walk Kenyans through his troubled childhood in Nyalenda slums, Kisumu County.

Babu said his mother had to brew an illicit liquor popularly known as chang’aa to put food on the family table.

“My mother sold chang’aa. She did not sell chang’aa because she wanted to but because she wanted us to go to school and to get the best services. Police harassment was real, and I witnessed them whipping my mother,” said Babu Owino.

Babu Owino ended up being introduced to alcohol early in life and had his first taste of the liquor his mother was brewing as young as eight years old.

“At around eight years, I tasted chang’aa. I did it because it was what everyone was doing around, and it was the normal thing to do. Out of influence, I had to take chang’aa. Since then I have been taking alcohol,” Babu said.

He was however categorical that he has since quit alcohol. Babu Owino said his conscience prodded him to come out to apologize to people he may have hurt unknowingly.

“Today I have decided to talk to fellow Kenyans heart-to-heart and in the course of my duties I have been engaging you on various platforms on social media and I sense your anger. I sense that some of you are hurt and some are disappointed with me. I am a human being like you,” Babu Owinosaid.

The MP had recently dominated the headlines for all the wrong reasons following an incident in which he shot a Kenyan disc jockey, DJ Evolve, earlier this year after a misunderstanding in a Nairobi club.

Babu Owino said that he endured a difficult childhood and had to go to bed often on an empty stomach.

“I grew up in Nyalenda slums and I understand the pains of growing in such an environment where you cannot get daily meals, school fees, and medication,” said Babu.

Babu narrated how he and his siblings experienced firsthand police harassment as they were nabbed and locked up at the Kisumu Central Police Station on numerous occasions.

He, however, says he taken a different path in life in a determined effort to rebuild and redeem himself after many years of agony.

“I have had my ups and downs. I have my challenges and pasts some of which are dirty. I have reached a turning point and I have decided to make a change. A change that I am proud of, a change that my family is proud of. Being the MP is not the most important thing. The most important thing is to know who I am a person,” he said.

He took a drastic step to quit drinking and opted to embrace a new beginning.

“It has been six months and nine days since I last drank alcohol, I regularly pray and fellowship with my wife who has a fellowship group and I am looking inwards to be a better person,” Babu said.

“I want to tell Kenyan people that even now I am not perfect and I will take this opportunity to work continually on some of the weaknesses that I have in life and strive to be a better person, strive to be a servant leader who will change lives of my people,” he said in conclusion.

Babu has of late been taking high schoolers through online lessons.

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Written by Senior Editor