Reasons Why Continuous Passion Drives A Path Into Richness


Passion for work is a very important factor for anyone who wants to grow their financial momentum. This is one of the most critical elements which majority of the people in the formal and informal sectors miss out in their aim of achieving an epitome for great richness.

Their concern is, I want to make money and be rich and you’re telling me to do what I have passion for, what is the relationship between the two?

You know, its easier to understand if you tell a guy to marry a lady he truly loves than if you advise him to engage in the vocation or business he has a passion for.

Such a guy can easily reason, ‘’well, I’m going to be living with this lady, so it’ll be nice if I can marry someone I truly love.
But what about business? Do I really care?

All I want is to make money, why again do I need to have a passion for my business? First, you know unemployment has pushed most people to a corner where whatever job comes is what they accept.

Every human being should be trained to create his own world and design it the way he has a passion for it, but that’s not what school prepared us for, instead, were trained to live according to a formalized template designed by someone.

We cannot be happy living in the world we never created, and that’s why I hate the education system we are having today. It encourages less innovation and trains more on becoming an employee.

Below are the reasons why Passion drives a path into richness:

Doing what you have passion for gives you excitement.

You are always on the lookout for an opportunity to play or watch that game. A similar thing happens when you have passion for what you’re doing for a living. You’re excited about getting to the office.

Though such a feeling is almost strange to most people, it’s a real experience of some people. When you have a passion for what you’re doing, you’re very excited doing it. It draws pat into the richness

You don’t really feel like you’re working.

When you do what you have passion for, you won’t be exhausted, you won’t feel like you’re working and you’ll be full of energy. It makes you feel as if you’re just relaxed yet you’re working.

You are happier with lesser materials.

When people hate their work, what you’ll observe is that they spend money lavishly. Do you know why? They want to buy happiness. But if they identify what they have passion for, they end up getting settled for that and work to their best with no wastage, a factor for the richness

You have a stable emotion.

You really don’t need me to tell you this. Five minutes’ visitation to an office where people don’t love their work will show you this truth. Youll sees an angry boss, an angry junior staff, an angry everybody. What is happening here is this.

Those people hate their work, so they are having unstable (unhappy) emotions… so they cannot help but react negatively to everyone. If they would develop a passion for their work, definitely life would be easier for them hence induced their path for richness.

Your self-esteem increases.

If you love your work, you’ll be proud of it. Youll sometimes feel like the whole world lies inside your work. If you’re a journalist, you may start thinking, well, my work is the reason why the whole world is aware of happenings, so I’m doing the best work in the world.

If you’re a soldier, you will start thinking, well, we soldiers are the ones who keep my country together and save, without us, the enemies will destroy Kenya within 24 hours. If you’re a writer, you start thinking, writing is the most creative work.

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