Luos Are Not Celebrating What’s Happening in Jubilee Party, They Saw it Again.


By Bobby Bobants

PAIN OF THE LUO NATION. They have seen it in politics; pain, regrets, disappointments, marginalization, etc. Anyone relating consequences of Ruto’s mistakes in Jubilee’s party with the word “betrayal” is being parochial.

The Luo nation knows the deeper political meaning of “betrayal”. The scenario Ruto finds himself in does not qualify as a betrayal. Its punishment for insubordination and extreme ambitions.

The pain..

Kisumu massacre of ethnic Luos by security forces loyal to Jomo Kenyatta in 1969. Jaramogi had resigned as Vice President due to conflicting policies with the Mzee Kenyatta. Security personnel of Jomo fired indiscriminately into the crowd of school children and adults mowing unaccountable to death and hundreds injured. The venue was filled with unsuspecting children and teachers who were to perform poems.

Later luos were completely locked out of govt by Kikuyus. Jomo betrayed Jaramogi. What followed?. Detention of luo Prominent leaders. The community became marginalised. All projects in Luo Nyanza like Ahero irrigation scheme were quelled.

It reached a point that even seeking healthcare services in govt facilities with a luo name was a crime. Guys, luos were forced to change names in order to access govt services. So what is this Ruto bullshit some fools say make luos happy?. We are in more pain.

Came events leading to the assassination of Tom Mboya and Argwings Kodhek, attempt to get rid of any Luo with the ability to ascend to power in the presidency. Can you compare Ruto’s issues now with these?.

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Luo Elders

Came 82′ coup!. Luo sons from the Nyakach Republic went down with it while real culprits in the Moi regime survived. Pancras Okumu Oteyo, Ochuka Rabala, and all the rest were hanged for daring a lethal system.

The assassination of Dr. Robert Ouko at Got Alila by state agents made luos feel like animals. Then you remember events leading to the trashing of 2002 MOU – another true betrayal…

What of the murder of Odhiambo Mbai in unclear circumstances because of devolution clauses he was researching on?. Has anyone been arrested to answer, no!.

Murder of Chris Msando. His mistake was being at IEBC at a wrong time towards the run up to 2017 elections..

But we won elections in both 2007, 2013 and 2017 but victories snatched. Post-2007 coalition with Kibaki; same Ruto shortchanged us. He betrayed the liberation journey. Yes!.

Then massacre of luos by security agents during those elections; 2007, 2013, and 2017. Mistake?. Questioning snatched victories!. Ruto was part of the system.

Luos are not excited about Jubilee’s wrangles. Anything 2022 or any election in the future is not in our plans. We downed tools of war. We just want to get back with ourselves to find peace…

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