“What’s This Now?” Oburu Odinga’s Attack on William Ruto Backfires on Him Badly as ”Hustlers” React.

Oburu Odinga

Oburu Odinga has been left licking his wounds after posting a photo of Ruto in a kiosk in Bungoma town. Ruto bought some sodas for those around him from the kiosk. Oburu Odinga posted the photo and asked, “what is this now?”

Kenyans did not disappoint as they informed him of what it is called. They told him they do not blame him for not knowing what it was since he was born in a rich family that knows only the huge malls. Below are some of the answers he was served hot with.

“You will never understand coz you are used to big malls.This what they call a kiosk Mr dynasty.”

Oburu Odinga

“We call it kiosk down here. That is where that shop owner feeds his kids, pays school fees, supports his parents and siblings. Now you know.”

“You were born in a family set up where you can’t know such things! Hustler Nation is movement get used to it?”

“You can’t understand coz u av never been to a Kiosk. Oburu Odinga will defeat your brother resoundingly.”

Oburu Odinga

“A rich person can’t understand this. The person who owns this thing you can’t understand it’s name is your voter who closed this thing to vote for you for a better tomorrow but it seems your not aware.”

“You mean you have never seen this even in kibra where your brother was an MP for many years?”

Oburu Odinga
Oburu Odinga

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