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Why Many are Expecting ‘Moral Police’, Ezekiel Mutua Ulterances on ‘Nikune’ – By WILLY Paul & Nadia

Willy Paul

Willy Paul has featured Kenyan Music Queen Nadia Mukami in this yet another hit. The collaboration between the two has been welcomed by many music lovers, more so the lovers of the now famous ‘Gengetone.’ The two artists complement one another so superbly. It is a deadly combination.

However, the hit is a serious time bomb due to its overboard use of sexually connoted terms which may not go down well with some of Willy Paul’s fanatics who were used to him as a more liberal Gospel Artist. For instance, check out these lines;

“…kipimo usinipimie mama wakati jasho bado sijamwaga 

Sijachoka ndio naanza sasa

Utamu wa mahaba ndio naleta mama”

translated closely as “…don’t be mean dear, I’ve not even started sweating. I am not tired because I’ve just started.”

It is such lines that read in between has serious implications, as if not enough the song now completely spoils it when it says feel my six-pack, let’s go home so that I hammer you during this quarantine.

“Guza sixpack beiby hii si kitambi

Twende home karantin tupige kambi

Napiga nyundo kabati I feel ndio stamina.”

Recently, The Kenya Films Classification Board CEO, Ezekiel Mutua had issues with ‘Utawezana’ hit by Femi One ft Mejja, here Willy Paul’s hit too may attract the Kenya Music Moral Cop’s attention. For again, the dance moves adapted to accompany the song has little to write home about.

All these factors are early signs that ‘Nikune’ hit maybe Willy Paul’s and Nadia’s time bomb.

Watch Willy Paul ft Nadia Mukami – Nikune, what your view on the song?

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