The Late Nicholas Biwott Was Right About Dp Ruto’s Presidential Bid In 2022 (Video).

Nicholas Biwott

Has a top Jubilee politician switched camps within the ruling coalition, The vocal man, who never missed opportunity to hit at those opposed to Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential bid, has an unusually remained quiet at the backdrop of unending political wrangles threatening his boss’s ambitions.

Speaking last month on citizen television Deputy president Williams Ruto opened up why he does not take responsibilities in Jubilee party this time round as Jubilee is embroiled in a dispute over the party leadership. 

Nicholas Biwott

A decision to change members of the National Management Committee has been challenged by DP’s allies the president Uhuru Kenyatta is almost getting a Ph.D. from Raila Odinga school of politics when your enemy is peaceful attack him when he is expecting you to attack surprise him with a gift.

But with all this the kalenjin politicians are firmly holding the bond with Dp William Ruto to make sure he his going to be the next president in 2022.And this took me back in 2017. 

Nicholas Biwott

The late Nicholas Biwott predicted Ruto’s Presidential ambitions in 2022 during the funeral of Mark Too, during the run up to the 2017 general elections.

During the funeral, the late Nicholas Biwott who was once a powerful cabinet Minister and a key ally of former President Daniel Arap Moi endorsed William Ruto’s 2022 Presidential bid where he assured him that the Kalenjin Nation was going to support him till he becomes the next president after Uhuru Kenyatta’s term expired in 2022.

These Nicholas Biwott words are not only speaking by the have action we can see how these Kalenjin leaders are having sleepless nights to stand with their own Dp William Ruto, the like of Murkomen and other Kalenjin leaders.

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