Watch: My Husband Abandoned My Daughters And Me Because We Have Blue Eyes.

Blue Eyes

A mother of two simply identified as Risikat has explained the reason why her husband abandoned her and his two daughters just because they have blue eyes.

The lady who hails from the Ilorin capital city of Kwara State also married from the same place and live there with her husband.

She explained that she was born with blue eyes and she also transferred the eyes to her two daughters.

She said since she was born, the eyes have never been problematic for her, and she has never been to the hospital because of the eyes.

She also added that no one in her family has blue eyes neither from her father’s side nor the mother’s side. She’s the first person to have this kind of eyes in her family.

She said her children also have blue eyes and she has no regret that they have it because she has never taken them to the hospital because of the eyes.

She said her husband decided to abandon the family because of the eyes believing that it is a bad omen.

However, Nigerians have reacted to the video of the lady. See their reactions below.

“This is what is called Ocular Albinism. It is a rare genetic condition that affects the eyes. It doesn’t hurt, it’s not a problem. I love the eyes so much.”

“I don’t understand. He did not see her eyes before marrying her???”

“Her husband is Nigerian, so likely poor like 80million other Nigerians. He may have been told by his religious or personal adviser that his wife and kids are behind his hardship.”

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“😂😂😂😂😂illiteracy is bad me. Have got brown eyes that people always ask if I wore lens but I just got this lens color for 3500 and someone rejected naturals? This life no balance”

“Something that an Igbo man will use an increase in bride price on the daughter’s head.”

“Blue eyes where I don dey find since? This life no balance! She doesn’t only have the blue eyes but she’s so pretty”

“Some men sha, I’m pretty sure he would have told her she has the most beautiful eyes in the world when he was toasting the poor lady, and that one sef will be blushing 😂😂😂😂, but is really pathetic cos I don’t see anything wrong this beautiful eyes.”

“Something that I am putting on contacts to get.

Something that Oyinbo people are finding.

How can you detest something so beautiful?”

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