Mwiti Kathendu Biography; Age Business, Education, Political Career

Mwiti Kathendu Biography

Mwiti Kathendu Personal Details
: Kenyan
Alma Mater: KEMU
Profession: Entrepreneur
Resident: Meru- Nkubu
Website: (Down at the moment we were publishing this article)

Mwiti Kathendu Education

Mwiti Kathendu was born in 1981 in a small village called Abogeta West of Meru County in Eastern Kenya. He attended his lower primary at primary school(barefoot), transferred to Kathathatu primary school in Nkuene Ward for upper primary.

Later went to Mwalimu boardings where he completed his primary education, then he joined Nkubu high school for his secondary education and later Kenya Methodist University[KEMU]


He has involved himself in buying coffee for the Meru community and locals which has greatly helped the people in value addition and earn a better income.

Milk buying to locals farmers from a little as 7litres to date, he is empowering over 5,000 daily farmers in Imenti South and Imenti Central, which produces over 20,000 litres of milk daily.

Through this, the community has been able to generate more income and promotion of daily farming in Meru County.

Spy Track and Surveillance Company

He owns a company by the name of a spy track and surveillance company. Through this, he introduced Kenya’s online video monitoring to the public transport industry, and from this terrorist attacks in the transport industry have greatly reduced in Kenya.

He also trains over 20 youths every month on technological skills which includes the modern surveillance system regardless of their Academic background, from this it has greatly enabled many young people to be self-employed and earn a living from the dynamically changing world.

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He has introduced a system to diagnose the dairy cows by identifying the disease the animal is suffering from, a lactating time before insemination to avoid unnecessary losses.

Farmers in the region have been suffering due to wrong diagnose. Mwiti Kathendu is a big-time potato farmer which has added value to potatoes farmers.

He introduced the stevia plant in the Imenti region which is a sweetener that is a substitute for sugar, which is earning farmers between Kshs 100 to 200 per kg.

He also started planting and exporting herbs like basil, chives mint in Buuri sub-County, other than whites which he has taught many of the community farmers how to do, which is earning a good income to the community.

Mwiti Kathendu Political Life

  1. He was the chief campaigner and chief strategist for the current South Imenti mp Hon Kathuri Murungi, where they joined hands to brought down big-weight political icons and other high-profile political men.
  2. Later in 2017, he was a candidate in Meru senatorial race but he did not win.
  3. Later we could see Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi nominating Mwiti Kathendu as North Imenti Sub-county administrator, after few years he could be transferred to Mikinduri town administrator(when writing this Biography)

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