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See Mwai Kibaki Monthly Salary After Retirement

See Mwai Kibaki Monthly Salary After Retirement

In the previous financial year, Mwai Kibaki has entitled to a monthly salary of Ksh2.86M Monthly. This translates to yearly pay of Ksh34.43M — about twice the amount president Uhuru Kenyatta receives as an official salary.

Kenya’s third president— Mwai Kibaki is the only surviving retired chief among Kenya’s former presidents. He is perhaps the most paid individual among the serving and retired civil servants in the country.

Mwai Kibaki Other Benefits

In addition to this, Kibaki is entitled to other retirement perks, including house, entertainment, and fuel allowances.

About the staff, Kibaki is entitled to a total of 34 personnel. This includes two personal assistants, 4 messengers, and 4 drivers. He has got 4 secretaries and 4 bodyguards.

Apart from these, the government also entitles him to four vehicles, including 2 limousines. Also, he has got an office in Nairobi, and the workers in it are paid using tax payer’s money.

Despite criticism over the hefty pay, the government has continued to protect him as a former government official.

President Kibaki’s tenure is perhaps a unique one; a period during when Kenya’s economy flourished, and rural development grew compared to his predecessor’s regimes.

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