Ministry of Education Issues Re-opening Guidelines for Primary and Secondary Schools on Food Program.

Ministry of Education
Ministry of Education through the teachers in charge to ensure safe food handling and preparation which includes:-

(i) Enforcing frequent hand-washing for all cooks;

(ii) Ensuring that any cookware, plates, cups and cutlery are washed and sanitized regularly,

(iii) Planning for food distribution that minimizes handling;

(iv) Staggering meal times for learners to reduce crowding;

(v) Allowing time for cleaning and disinfecting between shifts.

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education Guidelines for Food Handlers in Basic Learning Institutions:

(i) All the food handlers should have the requisite food handling certificates and in addition be screened for COVID- 19 symptoms before being allowed to handle food.

(ii) All food handlers shall undergo asymptomatic screening for COVID -19 on a daily basis; those with symptoms of COVID -19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, fatigue) should be allowed to seek medical attention.

(iii) Food handlers should observe strict respiratory hygiene (cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing; dispose of tissues and wash hands)

(iv) Institutions should reinforce personal hygiene measures and provide refresher training on food hygiene principles to eliminate or reduce the risk of food surfaces and food packaging materials becoming contaminated with the virus from those handling food.

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(v) Personal protective equipment (PPE), such as face masks, hairnets, gloves, clean overalls, and slip reduction work shoes or gumboots for staff, can be effective in reducing the spread of viruses and disease while handling food.

(vi) Wearing of PPE should be routine in all institution kitchens and dining areas.

(vii) Physical distancing and stringent hygiene and sanitation measures should be observed while handling food.

(viii) Food handlers should promote frequent and effective handwashing (with liquid soap and water for at least 20 seconds) and sanitize at each stage of food handling.

(ix) Workstations should be spaced out and food workers should avoid facing one another.

(x) The number of staff working in a food preparation area at any one time should be limited to reduce physical interactions.

(xi) Food handlers should avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing.

Ministry of Education

Cleaning, Disinfection, and Sanitation Ministry of Education Guidelines

(i) Utensils must be cleaned and disinfected daily

(ii) Classrooms/ dormitories/ ablution blocks, laboratories/workshops, toilets, libraries, and other institutional buildings must be cleaned and disinfected daily,

(iii) Daily cleaning and disinfection of surfaces that are frequently touched by many people (railings, walls, desks, door and window handles, teaching and learning materials, etc) at least once a day (as a minimum requirement)

(iv) Ensuring proper waste management facilities and following environmental cleaning and decontamination procedures,

(v) There will be no sharing of utilities or any item including, rulers, clothes, food, face masks, utensils, pencils by learners/trainees and staff.

Ministry of Education Guidelines for Cleaning Dishes and Cutlery

(i) Dishes and cutlery are to be cleaned manually or using a commercial or domestic dishwasher using appropriate dishwasher detergents. Reusable dishes and cutlery must be cleaned using hot water and appropriate soap.

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(ii) Care should be taken to ensure all items are thoroughly cleaned first with soap and hot

water. Disinfect the items by soaking in hot water at 90°C for two minutes or immerse in a 0.1% chlorine solution for a minute then rinse thoroughly with clean water before air-drying.

(iii) Dishes and cutlery should be stored clean and dry in a cupboard or covered to prevent potential contamination from sneezes or coughs.

(iv) Staff handling dishes and cutlery should ensure that they have performed effective hand washing using soap and running water for 40-60 seconds before handling dishes.

(v) The person cleaning dishes, and cutlery should wear PPE (facial protective gear, waterproof gown and apron, utility gloves, and boots).

Ministry of Education

Guidelines for Managing Learners at the School Canteen for Boarding Schools

(i) Regulate the number of learners who enter the canteen to avoid overcrowding;

(ii) Place signs at entry points to stop them from entering the canteen if they are unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms;

(iii) Manage queues in line with social distancing procedures.

(iv) Provide hand washing point with water and soap or hand sanitizers and disposable paper towels at the entry to the canteen

(v) Mark the floor inside the canteen to facilitate compliance with the physical distancing, particularly in the most crowded areas, such as serving counters and tills.

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