BREAKING NEWS: Governor Mike Sonko Arrested

Mike Sonko Arrested

Mike Sonko who was elected the Nairobi governor in 2017 general elections has been facing challenges in Nairobi.

He was sent off the office under gross misconduct and corruption allegations His first attempt of impeachment never succeeded.

The bill was rejected in Nairobi county assembly. He later transferred some of Nairobi county functions to the national government.

A move which he has been lamenting over, he says he was ambushed to surrender the functions. Sonko has been complaining of his chaos being politicized.

Mike Sonko Arrested
Mike Sonko Arrested

Last week over 80 MCAs had signed a bill for impeachment motion.

Today, they were supposed to discuss the same. However, he interrupted the move. This led to Mike Sonko Arrested by the police.

Police were forced to live teargas to the MCAs to cool the situation.

More information to follow later.

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