Meaning of Number Plates in Kenya With Their Colours.

Number Plates in Kenya

I understand many people don’t know the meaning of different Number Plates in Kenya and the meaning of their colors to society. Some people think that it is just a matter of decoration, but that isn’t true.

Here is the meaning of Number Plates in Kenya:

1.Government of Kenya (GK)

This plates shows vehicles which are owned by the government, they usually begin with GK

Number Plates in Kenya
Government of Kenya (GK) Number Plates

2.Dimplomatic Number Plate

These are number plates for cars or vehicles belonging to foreign Embassies. And in most cases they are given a special kind of number plate, mostly their number plates are red in color.

Diplomatic Number Plates in Kenya
Japan Diplomatic Number Plates

All: 121- Diplomatic Number Plates in Kenya Code Sequence.

3.Motorbikes and TukTuk Number Plates in Kenya

TukTuks and Motorbikes and other types of motors are usually given yellow plates, and each plate is given four letters and all in yellow.

Number Plates in Kenya
Mbolonzi Mbaluka displays the new Motorcycle registration number that is being issued to cyclists and Boda Boda operators.

4. Custom Mode plates

In these cases Kenyans are given an opportunity to customize their number plates at a very huge fee, an example is lawyer Donald Kipkorir, Ringtone, Zari.

Number Plates in Kenya
Lawyer Donald Kipkorir: Number Plates in Kenya

5.Public Vehicles

They are generally yellow in color from behind and white in color from the nose. And they all begin with the letter K.

ANOTHER GREAT ARTICLE:  121- Diplomatic Number Plates in Kenya Code Sequence.

6.KDF plates

KDF plates,they don’t begin with GK.They have unique numbers which follows international numbering.

7.County Government plates

These vehicles have a unique number plate which starts with county code, the plates are unique and different from all 47 county Governments.

Number Plates in Kenya
Governors Number Plates in Kenya

8.Govornment Institutions /Parastatals

Plates are blue in color, they are owned by the Institutions but they belong to the national government, like schools, hospital vehicles.

Number Plates in Kenya
Number Plates in Kenya

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