Martha Karua Breaks Silence After Mama Ngina Was Abused by DP Ruto’s Allies.

Martha Karua Breaks Silence

Former presidential candidate Martha Karua has joined other leaders who have reacted to the recent abuse that was launched against the first family, Kenyatta’s family.

On Sunday, Emurua Dikirr MP Johana Ng’eno launched a wanting war of words against President Uhuru Kenyatta and his first family.

MP Ng’eno who is a close friend to Deputy President William Ruto dared the President by telling him that he should dissolve the government if he is not ready to work with the DP.

He further warned Uhuru that running the country as if it belonged to his family, Mzee Jomo and Mama Ngina cannot be accepted in Kenya.

Martha Karua Breaks Silence

Ng’eno said Kenya belongs to all Kenyans and not just Uhuru and his mother, a controversial statement that was later echoed by another DP Ruto’s ally, Kapseret Member of Parliament, Oscar Sudi.

While reacting to the abuse and the recent bad langue being used by other politicians, Martha Karua urged politicians to be civilized when they disagree with their political opponents.

Martha Karua said respect should always be the order of the day when politicians differ in ideas.

“We need a culture shift in our political discourse where we disagree as we must with respect and criticize not insult one another,” she tweeted.

Martha Karua had further linked to the recent abuses and wanting language in the political scene to political parties’ big machines.

Martha Karua Breaks Silence

She noted that most of the bad language being witnessed currently were started by top politicians in the country.

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Martha Karua has since urged top leadership of parties to lead by an example for their juniors to emulate from them

“In particular top leadership of political parties must lead by example by using civil language when referring to or criticizing one another. The unpalatable language that has now acquired notoriety is traceable to some of us,” Martha Karua added.

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