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“Nipee Namba Ya Designer” – Maria of Citizen TV Leaves Tongues Wagging over Her Latest Photo.

Maria of Citizen TV

At 20, Maria has proved that anyone can become a perfect actor or actress regardless of their age. What needs to be done is putting yourself into the shoes of the character you are playing and you are good to go

Recently, the hilarious actor has been making headlines all over social media. Maria’s onset is a very different person from Maria’s born Yasmeen Said, away from the set.

On-screen, she has frequently appeared as a ghetto girl who doesn’t really ‘dress to kill’ until she recently shocked fans when she appeared beautifully on stage after falling in love with Luwi.

Maria of Citizen TV Leaves Tongues Wagging

Well,that is now her in real life,a snack and very fashionable. This photo of herself that she shared recently gave fans all reasons to wow at her beauty and fashion. To her,fashion means decency. She upholds her Muslim religion with a high esteem.”A rose that grew from concrete”,she captioned on the photo;

Maria of Citizen TV Leaves Tongues Wagging

The photo was so captivating that a fan went ahead to ask Maria for her designer’s number. Most of them admitted that the dressing code was on point.

Yasmeen is a role model to many youths all over Kenya.

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