Prof. Manyora Makes A U-Turn Now Says Ruto’s Jubilee Asili Is A Big Blow To Uhuru And Raila’s 2022 Ambitions.


Political analyst Herman Manyora has said formation of Jubilee Asili can be a series blow to Raila- Uhuru handshake agenda and even 2022 political agenda.

Manyora said that was a signal Deputy President William Ruto had started hitting back directly at President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.

In his latest observation, Manyora said the new political outfit, comprising of Ruto’s allies de whipped by the Jubilee Party, was capable of launching a serious assault on Uhuru and Raila and at the end, become popular than the handshake team.

Herman Manyora said Uhuru and Raila have been hitting William Ruto but their assaults have not been severe enough to cripple the DP.

According to the commentator, Ruto was sending a message to the duo telling them that he was no longer taking a beating while lying down and he was ready for a fight.


“Uhuru and Raila have been hitting at Ruto but the DP has never hit back directly. He has, however, responded through other players. This time, he has come out in the open at the Jubilee Asili center and they are not hiding the fact that this can go into a full-blown political party. The two must know Ruto has said to them openly that he is not the boy they thought he was,” Manyora said.

The University of Nairobi lecturer claimed the mistake Uhuru and Raila made was to “hit at Ruto in installments” thus giving the man from Sugoi time to restrategize and consolidate his troops for a bigger course.

The situation, Manyora said, will even get messier incase Ruto decided to resign and started hitting at Uhuru from the outside government where his course will be supported by distinguished lawyers and the civil society.

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“If an injury is to be inflicted on an enemy, it is to be so severe, that the enemy’s retaliation need not be feared,” Manyora quoted Italian philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli.


According to the don, Ruto has been hiding his cards under the table as the handshake team unleashed their best and all they (Uhuru and Raila) had been left to do was to guess Ruto’s next moves.

“The undoing of the handshake team may be the installment manner in which they are using to deal with William Ruto. They have removed their cards and he has seen soo many of them.

Do you know the cards he has? In this country, we need to work together rather than being involved in fights where we hide lethal cards under the table,” stated Manyora.

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