Classic 105 Presenter Maina Kageni ADVICE On Women Concerning Diamond and Tanasha Break up.


Women should not think they can change Diamond, Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni has said.

Radio girl Tanasha Donna is the latest to break up with the Bongo star.

Speaking on air during his Wednesday morning show, Maina said, “Ladies, why do you put up with such? I keep telling all these little girls I see around Diamond, don’t think that you’re going to be different. He will not change! If Zari could not change him, who are you?

“And knowing him, he even probably cheated on that video vixen with another woman in America coz you all know him. When he sees something nice in a skirt, anafuatuilia.”

Maina said Diamond once told Zari he is a superstar with a very high sex urge.

“He even told her to relocate to Tanzania because he can’t go for three weeks without sex,” he said.

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