Maina Kageni Biography, Age, Career, Wife, and Networth

Maina Kageni is a popular radio presenter in Kenya. He is known for his work on the morning talk show “Maina and King’ang’i in the Morning” on Classic 105 FM, a leading radio station in Nairobi, Kenya. The show features discussions on various social issues, current affairs, and entertainment news.

Maina Kageni has been a prominent figure in Kenyan media for many years. He is known for his outspoken nature, engaging interviewing style, and ability to spark conversations on sensitive topics. He often addresses issues affecting Kenyans, such as politics, relationships, and societal challenges, providing a platform for listeners to share their views and opinions.

Maina Kageni’s popularity on the airwaves has earned him a substantial following in Kenya. He is recognized for his distinct voice, wit, and humor, which have contributed to his success as a radio presenter. Many Kenyans tune in to his show regularly to get their daily dose of news, entertainment, and thought-provoking discussions.

Date of Birth

Maina Kageni was born on 29th June 1974. He was born into a well-off family that made him grow up in the leafy suburbs of Nairobi County.

He grew up in Nairobi though he is of the Kikuyu tribe. Maina revealed that he would occasionally go outside the country when he was still young due to his family being abroad.


Maina had the rare opportunity to attend some of the best schools one would wish for. He attended Westlands Primary School and later joined the Laiser Hills School for his secondary.

After finishing secondary school, Maina went to the United Kingdom to study for his degree. However, he instead got into hustling and when his mother traveled to attend his graduation, she was shocked to learn that Maina was not among the graduating class.


Maina is a media per personality and currently, he is working at Classic 105 radio hosting Maina and King’ang’i on the morning show. This show is among the popular radio shows in Kenya due to how experienced the hosts are.

Before this Maina also worked at KTN as a news anchor and he also worked at Radio Jambo. Other than media, Maina is an entrepreneur who has businesses in real estate in Kenya, Florida, and Miami USA.

When he traveled to the UK for college, he worked as a truck driver delivering fish for a Chinese company. Back in Kenya he also worked as a car dealer.

Why Maina Kageni is not married?

As of now, Maina is single and there has never been any woman he has been involved with in marriage.

Something else that many people have been asking is about Maina Kageni’s daughter. What is very mysterious about this question is that no one knows how it began because no one has ever claimed to be carrying the radio personality’s daughter or anything of the sort.

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The only thing that is revealed about his relationship is that he once dated a lady called Ann, and she was his first lover.

This situation has made others link him to being gay and LGBTQ members. However, he has come out to clearly state that he is a straight human in terms of his sexuality only that he has not found a dream woman.

Is Maina Kageni Gay?

Maina Kigeni is not married and has no children confirmed by him to be his. He has faced the sharp tongue of critics concerning this, some even claiming that he is gay which he denied.

He has not affirmed his involvement with any woman yet and might as well be a very good secret keeper keeping things that are meant to be private, just that – private.

Maina Kageni Salary

Maina Kageni is estimated to earn an estimate of close to Kshs 2,000,000 per month from his several works and ventures.


Kageni loves to drive the big toys and has several luxurious possessions. He drives a BMW X6 and a Hummer.

Net Worth.

This media personality and businessman has a lot of properties and he is also among the top-earning radio presenters in Kenya. His business assets and salaries combined can be estimated to be worth ksh. 250 million. This is a result of diversifying his revenue streams.

Below is how Maina Kageni makes his money:

1. Radio hosting

His popular radio show is literally what holds Classic 105 up as a radio station. It blows the rest of the competition out of the water when it comes to morning shows.

Because of this incredible leverage, Maina Kageni has negotiated for himself a salary of over one million shillings a month from the radio.

2. Real estate

Like most rich men in Kenya, Maina Kageni bought a house in Miami, USA, during the real-estate crash late last decade.

This made him get the prime property for extremely cheap prices. He now rents out his Miami house and sometimes uses it to take him and his friends on holiday.

3. Social media

Maina’s Facebook page is one of the largest in Kenya, and his Twitter profile is growing as well. He uses the pages not only to talk to his fans but to also promote brands for a fee.

His page is in such high demand from advertisers that he has contracted a talent management agency named Trinc Media to negotiate deals on his behalf. It is said that he makes over one million bobs in a good month just through his page.

4. Emceeing

Maina Kageni emcees at only select events, where he gets paid up to 400,000 per event. He targets upperclassmen sorts of events, who are ready to pay such amounts to have the most famous people at their event.

5. Writing

Maina Kageni has started a column with Sport On! magazine, which led to people asking whether he was going to quit his day job at Classic. Turns out that wasn’t the case. It is just a side hustle, which he is

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