Dr. King’ori NTV Wicked Edition Hosts the Final Show

In the announcement, Dr. King’ori, the creator, producer, and writer of “The Wicked Edition,” revealed that Friday’s episode would mark the end of a remarkable 7-year journey on NTV that produced over 300 unforgettable episodes.

With over 70 million views on YouTube, the show has become a cultural phenomenon and the longest-running satire show on Kenyan television.

Since its inception, The Wicked Edition has evolved into the satire show par excellence in Kenya.

Dr. Kingori expressed his gratitude to the show’s dedicated viewers, whose unwavering support propelled it to great heights.

The show’s success was acknowledged at the prestigious Kalasha Awards, earning nominations for Best Performance in TV Comedy and Best TV Comedy in Kenya for the upcoming 2024 edition.

In his farewell message, Dr King’ori extended heartfelt thanks to NTV Kenya for being the nurturing home that provided a platform where creativity met opportunity.

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“To every member of the creative team, crew, and every guest on each episode your passion and talent have been the cornerstone of our success.

Your dedication shone through each episode of The Wicked Edition that we have shared with the world. Together, we celebrated the resilience and humor of our society, created memories, and sparked meaningful conversations, he said.

Dr. King’ori assured fans that The Wicked Edition is set for a new beginning.

“This journey, while ending with NTV Kenya, is set for a new beginning as we expand our reach, venture into greater creative endeavors, and continue delivering value-laden content to our fans across East Africa and beyond,” he announced.

As The Wicked Edition embarks on a new chapter, Dr. King’ori invites viewers to join the show through the upcoming plot twists.

As The Wicked Edition bids farewell to NTV Kenya, viewers are left with a treasure trove of memories, laughter, and insightful satire.

Dr. Kingori’s announcement hints at exciting possibilities for the future, promising a continuation of the show’s rich legacy.

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