Amber Ray Biography, Age, Parents, Dating History, House & Son.

Amber Ray whose real name is Faith Makau was born on 3rd November 1992 in Machakos County, Kenya. Not much is known about her early life, parents, or childhood.

However, Ray has a sister whose name is Judy. There is no information regarding her educational background and academic qualifications.

Amber Ray’s Parents

Faith Makau has never disclosed about her parents or shared their photos. A while back, she revealed a part of her relationship with her father.

She said her father chased her out of their home long ago. The reason behind this is that she refused to get married in exchange for money from his father.

Amber Ray Age

Amber Ray was born on 3rd November in 1992 in Machakos County, Kenya. She has a sister whose name has been established as Judy.

Her real name is Faith Makau while Amber Ray is the pseudo name that she uses on her social media platforms.

Amber Ray is currently 30 years old.

Amber Ray’s House

Amber is known to live in a luxurious house, however, not much is known about the model’s residence and its worth.

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Amber Ray’s dating history

Amber Ray’s love life has for a long time been the talk of town Because of her shenanigans in switching between men.

She has had numerous previous lovers in the past that have had an equitable share of dramatic experiences. She is carefree and is not ashamed of introducing her new lovers to the public.

She is known to only date men who are stinking rich and who possess big names. She has been married to

Zaheer Merlahi Jhanda has a second wife, who is a politician. Their marriage of three years has been a strained relationship as Amber Ray was accused by the first wife of practicing witchcraft on her husband to break her home.

She responded to the accusations and said that she was playing a character on television. Later she vowed never to be a second wife.

She dated a string of guys where Jimal Roho Safi was one of them, married her, and became their second wife.

She and Amira brought drama that made traffic on the internet and Amber Ray chose to call it quits. She revealed she was done dating local men and wanted to try her luck internationally.

The socialite dated Sierra Leonean basketballer Kabba for two months before breaking up and hooking up with businessman Kennedy Rapudo.

Amber Ray and Kennedy are still a thing. Apparently, he is believed to be from Kenya.

Amber Ray Son

Amber Ray is the mother of a handsome and lovely son by the name, of Gavin. She usually shares pictures and videos of Gavin on her social media pages.

Her net worth,

Faith Makau has a net worth of $3 Million/326 million. She is seen to live in a posh luxurious home and drives multi-million worth of vehicles and travels to leisure destinations to have fun, expensive foods and skincare routine.

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